Thursday, August 16, 2012


Bobby Valentine is being exposed for what he is, a man who believes his own hype.  There’s a problem with people like that…when others start to realize you’re not all that, they walk away.  Sure, you can blame the Boston Red Sox for playing terrible baseball this year, but it starts at the top and if they don’t have a manager they respect, they won’t play for them.   Ask Joe Torre about that, he at least won with his teams.
I like referring to Bobby Valentine as “Uncle Rico” or even “Flounder” from Animal House.  Sorry to throw all these pop culture references at you at once, but it’s important to the story. The reality is Bobby Valentine isn’t what he thinks he is and when he came on board in Boston, I told you what would happen.  Predictions happen often here on BYB because it’s simple thinking. I can see right through this guy…he bought into the bullshit…the bullshit that ESPN peddled praising Bobby Valentine as a “brilliant” baseball mind, and the bullshit he spewed about players and teams without any true knowledge of the player or play he was talking about.   
Bobby Valentine tries the Bruce Lee "mirror scene" tactic with the rest of the baseball world, confusing you and hoping you forget he's won nothing, but in my fight scene, he goes down without a fight. In other words, we caught on…

I hate to sound like I’m piling on little Bobby V, but one thing I cannot stand is people that advance in their careers and don’t have results to show for it.  Sure, you can work hard all day but if you don’t win, what does it matter? Don’t believe me? Ask Derek Jeter about a season that DOESN’T end with a championship…it’s considered a failure.  In the real world, no one likes 2nd place, or 3rd of 9th…they only like #1 and let’s face it, a 2000 NL Pennant is not # 1, yet, that’s all Bobby Valentine has on his American Managing resume.
Sure, you can live in the past like Uncle Rico... you can talk about what you accomplished almost a decade ago all you want, but it means nothing in 2012, especially if the players are now texting Red Sox brass suggesting that you overstayed your welcome, read HERE.

Bobby Valentine seemed like a logical choice after the Red Sox forced the greatest manager they ever had in Terry Francona out of the clubhouse. The timing was right for everyone, but when you walk into a clubhouse and instead of getting immediate respect from the players, you start to strategically try and plant controversy in the press, you really start off on the wrong foot.  Valentine is a creature of the media, not a baseball guy any more.  He was out of the game too long after his 2005 Japanese championship. But he held his chin high sipping saki and came back to the states like he was somebody, trying to ride the wave.  To put it simply, no one in America cares about what happens in Japanese baseball.  Sorry.  It’s not our country, they aren’t our teams and it sure as hell isn’t the same thing.  Plus, it doesn’t matter, except to Bobby who thought he was just anointed King.   
I’d like to be thrown around by my team after a big win too, but I’d love to do that in the Major Leagues…it just makes more sense to me.  Instead of walking around baseball having people kiss his ring in the “Valentine won in Japan” tour for almost 10 years, why not strike while the irons hot and push for a managerial job in the states right away? Instead he waited too long and when he went to the Red Sox in 2012, he walked in like Flounder in Animal House trying to fit in. 

It doesn’t work that way….and you know who’s laughing his ass off right now? Terry Francona.  Because in the end, that dude did nothing wrong and has more respect from those players than Bobby Valentine ever will.  It’s amazing how that works and it’s pathetic that Red Sox brass couldn’t figure that out.  Now they’re kicking themselves and meanwhile, Terry Francona’s having a pretty successful career as an on-air guy, and you know why? Because he steers clear of controversy and he's likable and isn’t cocky.  Good for him.
So what happens now for Bobby? Well, it’s a losing season most likely, just like most of his Managerial career and then if the Sox were smart they’d cut Bobby V loose.  Then ESPN will try and revive Bobby’s on-air career but it won’t be the same, because at that point he’ll be exposed for what he isn’t…a brilliant baseball mind.  Eventually he’ll just disappear and the Red Sox will sit there with their dick in their hand wondering what the hell just happened.  Not only did they literally destroy that team with bad signings, they literally killed the biggest rivalry in baseball between the Yankees and Red Sox.  No one wants to watch a loser play live. 

Don’t believe me? Go to Pittsburgh. The stands are now packed because they’re winning. It’s just the way it is. 

And the best part of this, and this is my own sick mind working overtime at this point…the Red Sox should ask Terry Francona to come back to Boston…clean slate…and Terry should tell them to go “F” themselves.  Why? Because everybody knows Terry was screwed by the Red Sox…and wouldn’t that be the most gratifying moment ever for Francona…and for the Yankee fans of course, because even we don’t want to see a well respected manager like Francona back in the saddle in Beantown. It would mean the players would actually play. And while I love a good rivalry, I also like it when the Sox lose…stay tuned.

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