Thursday, June 28, 2012


Brian Cashman always has good intentions when he speaks to the media about growing our club from within and giving the kids a chance.  What do I mean? Well, with CC Sabathia getting put on the DL before yesterday’s game and Andy Pettitte getting hurt by a liner in the 5th inning fracturing his ankle (Read HERE in case you live under a rock), Cashman said clearly that he wanted to bring Freddy Garcia into the starting role and being up someone like Adam Warren to take Garcia’s spot while the big guys heal. Read HERE.  Look, that’s all fine and good, but that’s not realistic to what the Yankees REALLY want to do.

The Yankees preach patience, but that’s what they want you to believe.  There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s their job, to not show their hand but instead, lurk and sneak a call and put the pieces in place to get quality and experience for what many know will be a strong run for the American League pennant after the All-star break.  The Yankees may give you every indication that they will bring up youngsters to fill the gaps and help make the run, and sure, 1 guy may help, but the Yankees want a seasoned Major League pitcher, a rental if you will, and for me, I am pretty positive that they’ll be working the phones pretty hard right now to try and pick up someone like a Matt Garza now that Andy and CC are down for the count.
You have to assume CC and Andy will be back, but what if healing takes longer to heal than they think? Let’s face it, that’s very possible when where talking about a 40 year old pitcher.  Andy is pretty invincible but a busted ankle is no joke.  Getting insurance, stability with a starter like Matt Garza makes sense to me.  Plus, let’s think about this, we have 2 overhyped pitchers in the minor leagues in Dellin Betances and Manny Baneulos, (read YOUNG GUNS III: STRUGGLE OF THE KILLER B's) and while I have a thing for Manny Banuelos and won’t give up on him yet, I have not problem packaging Betances and/or Cory Wade and/or even a Freddy Garcia for a Matt Garza or someone else who I believe can give us results.   
Why? Because we have guys like Joba Chamberlain and David Aardsma working their way back and they can fill the long man and extra reliever role while we add a starter, especially at the trade deadline.  Plus, you need to realize,with a guy like Garza for example, the Cubs are done this season, they'll probably sell of guys like crazy.  
What about Francisco Liriano?  For some reason the Yankees and Liriano are always connected and that can only mean 1 thing; both the Twins and the Yankees have talked more than once about it.  Buster Olney tweeted about it as well.  Read his Tweet HERE.  Clearly it may be a good fit for the Yankees.

Another option may be Zack Greinke.  Ken Rosenthal reported HERE that if the Brewers can't sign him to a long term deal they may be willing to part with him by the deadline.  That would be interesting. Sure, we’ve heard the stories about Grienke and how he’d fail in New York because he pitches better in a small market, but how the hell do we know? He’s never pitched in New York as a Yankee.  I’d be willing to try.

And while we’re throwing out names, what’s to say the Yankees won’t throw the farm at Seattle again and take another shot at King Felix? Sure, he's under contract with the Mariners until the end of 2014 but crazier things have happened and I have always believed that the Yanks have the best shot to land him, whether it’s now or later.  Plus, they’ve already given up Jesus Montero to the Mariners, a guy they swore they wouldn't part with. And yes, the Mariners are clearly getting more back on the Michael Pineda/Montero trade than we are right now.  Why not throw more into the Mariner pot and see what type of deal we can make?
Yes, it's true, the $189 million cap is a concern, the Yankees want to be under that cap, plus they need to figure out the futures of Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano in pinstripes.  I can tell you this, they like both and according to Brian Cashman, they will do their best the bring them both back, read HERE. So 
 Cashman really needs to get creative and do what he does best, negotiate good deals. 

Look, I’m not expert, but I know there’s pitching out there. The question becomes, What are the Yankees willing to part with, how much will they spend and save and will they get seasoned players to help them win down the stretch?  I believe they can handle those questions… After all, it’s their job to win it all for us fans, the same fans who pay these players' salaries. At the end of the day, we want to win and we want the best team on the field and believe me… Yankee brass knows that.  Stay tuned.

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