Monday, February 6, 2012


Favorites…everyone has them, and we all have our reasons. Maybe your favorite player hits 40 home runs a season, is an elite defender, or has pitched a perfect game…or maybe you like them simply because they have a heart of gold and reinforce your love for the game. You can make a case for any player, but one thing that you can’t overlook is that New York fans are passionate and we are vocal. When we like you….you will know it, and likewise, when we aren’t happy with you, we make sure you know it and that you don’t forget it either. We may be critical and have high expectations but there is nothing like being cheered on by a group of New York fans, and Nick Swisher is definitely one of our doubt about it.When you look at a team you can see many different personalities and you love what they represent. There’s always the “leader” of the group, like Derek Jeter whose presence can never go unnoticed. You can’t forget the “reliable one” like Andy Pettitte, who always comes through in the big moments when the team needs a big performance to turn the momentum back around.

Or what about a gritty, competitive player like Paul O’Neill who wasn’t afraid to sacrifice his body on the field? Of course, you can’t talk about grit and determination or a fiery personality that stirs up the emotions of fans and players alike without mentioning Thurman Munson. All of these players are loved by fans, but Nick Swisher isn’t quite like any of them, he’s loved for the charisma he has.Nick Swisher is unlike any other player, he is like the next door neighbor you wish you had; the one you could just walk up to and talk about anything. He is genuine, approachable, and has a personality unlike any other athlete which makes it hard not to like him. How many other teams have players that will turn around and salute you all the way in the bleachers? I can’t think of any. That salute is now so famous you can buy t-shirts of it. To think, other fans might say sitting in the bleachers sucks, but not Yankee fans, we get some one-on-one Swisher time. Even when he is off of the field, he is still working hard. In August of 2011, Swisher released a children’s CD titled “Believe,” and a portion of the proceeds went to Swish’s Wishes, his charitable foundation which is dedicated to enriching lives and lifting the spirits of children who are facing vital health issues. Swisher donates all of the proceeds his charity makes by distributing them to non-profit organizations that give care to kids that need it the most. How many athletes make an album dedicated to children and give the proceeds to charity? Not too many.

It is easy to see why someone with so much charisma can be admired by some of the toughest fans in the world. Swisher has so much character that he is perfect for television, whether you are a Yankee fan or not how could you not be entertained by watching this man? If Derek Jeter and George Steinbrenner can host, then why shouldn’t Swish get his chance? If you agree too, then join the cause by supporting WE WANT NICK SWISHER TO HOST SNL on Facebook and make your voice heard. They say that networks only put on the shows that people watch and want to see….so isn’t it about time that we actually get to see something GOOD for a change?
Personally, one of the reasons why I am so fond of Swisher is because he genuinely enjoys being a Yankee, and he shows it to us rather than just telling us. So thank you Swish, this time we salute YOU.

And keep checking back to Bleeding Yankee Blue over the next 24 to 36 hours, Casey has a Nick Swisher treat for all of you... I don't even know what it is... but I've been told it's quite special. Knowing Casey... he's probably right.

--Jeana Bellezza --BYB Writer and Editor

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