Sunday, January 29, 2012


In less than one month’s time, all of our attention will finally be turned away from the “Hot stove” to the warm weather and palm trees of Tampa Bay, Florida, where our New York Yankees will report to begin Spring Training for what is hopefully their next Championship Season.

Many talking heads have speculated about what to expect from the team during this year’s pre-season training. Things like roster changes, management issues, and even changes to the television coverage that brings us the much needed information about the day-to-day grind of
Spring Training. In my honest, educated and professional opinion, here’s what my take is on what to expect from our Yankees in the Spring of 2012.

Yeah, sure, I can go back and research statistics and line scores, but what good does that do? I wrote an article about Jesus thing you know, he gets traded. I interview Kim Jones HERE, then, she leaves the YES Network. I wrote a blurb about Jorge Posada...and then he retires. For all intents and purposes, I’m beginning to a see a pattern here. Therefore, the likelihood that you’ll see me discussing anything relative to the team’s existing players, especially our Captain, is very slim. Not taking the risk by naming any more names, or making any more speculations about what may or may not go down this season. For now, at least.

Anyone that has followed Bleeding Yankee Blue and read my articles pretty much knows that this is not a girl who can keep her mouth shut for too long. For the present moment, I do still feel that I need to contribute to all of the talk about this year’s Spring Training. You know, just to
keep myself “in the loop”. In the interest of meeting my deadline for the amazing Casey, here’s what I am willing to say about what to expect from Spring Training:
  1. The weather will be warm
  2. It will take place at Steinbrenner Field with Hank and Hal somewhere closeby
  3. Joe Girardi will be there
  4. Jorge Posada won’t be there
  5. Neither will Jesus Montero.
  6. Derek Jeter will wear #2 on his uniform
  7. There will be coverage by someone from the YES Network
  8. I’m pretty sure that unlike “some other teams”, no beer or poker games are allowed in the dugout
  9. Most of the team will be tan
And last, but not least….

10. It won’t suck

And so, in the meantime, Yankee fans, use the “grain of salt” approach to what everyone has to say about what will…or won’t…happen during Spring Training. You can crunch any number you want to, look at tapes of past performances, or calculate whatever average you want to.Whether you are Albert Einstein or belong to the “Psychic Friends Network”, no one knows for sure. My speculations, however, I’m pretty sure are dead-on, which is why you should always refer to Bleeding Yankee Blue for the real deal!

Let the countdown begin!

--Christy Lee, BYB Staff Writer

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