Sunday, January 29, 2012


You have to love a story like this, especially on a Sunday morning. You're just waking up, not alot going on in your house, the kids are sleeping, you grab a cut of coffee, click on Bleeding Yankee Blue and you see that Jason Varitek, an enemy of the Yankees for years, actually had something nice to say about Jorge Posada.

Not sure if many of you saw this, but I just caught it and I was touched. Jason Varitek is the guy you love to hate, just because he has the same competitive nature and passion as Jorge Posada...just on the enemies side. He wants to beat our Yankees every time they hit the field. Posada was clearly the same way in Beantown. It was guys that this that really made the rivalry a true World War throughout the past decade.Anyway, the day Posada retired, this nugget was floating out there in cyberspace. No one appeared to pick it up. I am, for 2 reasons, you should know about it, and I just found a new respect for Jason Varitek.

Peter Abraham from the Boston Globe had the story on January 24th, HERE. Real quick, if you don't know who Peter Abraham is, know this, he used to write about the Yankees, and I loved reading him every single day. Since then though, he got a gig with the Globe, so now he's there. That's important because Abraham is probably one of the best writers out there and clearly great at his job.
Varitek released a statement about Posada and it reads like this:

"After hundreds of head-to-head games during the regular season and the postseason, I can't say I respect and admire anyone at our position more than I do Jorge. The hard work and preparation he put into catching is a huge reason he has five championships on his resume. He is a true grinder."

I know you want to crack a smile. Just do it, that statement is truly complimentary. You didn't think Jason Varitek had it in him, did ya? I didn't either, but I like this statement from V-Tek and yes, if he were to come back to Boston, I'd hate him again, but sometimes you just need to stop and think about all the games these guys play against each other. I guess it isn't about hate sometimes is it? Respect seeps in. All I'm saying is it's good to see and I hope the day old man Varitek retires, Jorge Posada reciprocates... but knowing how much of a stand up guy Posada is, he's already thanked Varitek by phone. Whatever the case, V-Tekc gets 2 thumbs up from me... until the next Yankees / Red Sox game that is!

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