Saturday, December 17, 2011


The Bleeding Yankee Blue readers have spoken, and you want to see Justin Upton in a trade. Wow. Never saw that one coming, but I guess many of you can’t let go of that trade rumor talk about Upton last year…read HERE. Upton is dynamite, I really like this guy, but I never expected ya’ll to choose him. Here’s the poll:

The majority of you, 60, voted for Justin Upton with Hanley Ramirez at second with 42. Then, as you can see, the next closet one was the Pirates Andrew McCutchen with 21 and 9 for Alfonso Soriano. Very interesting but based on what I offered you, I guess I’m not surprised. There are many things good about Justin Upton; He’s young, he has power and he’s a right fielder. Here is his line from 2011:

.289 AVG / 31 HR / 88 RBI / .369 OBP

Wait... hold it a second, are you suggesting we ship off Nick Swisher? Swish is the Heart of the Yankees energy in the clubhouse. Are you guys considering trying to acquire Upton and then flip Swisher to another team for some pitching? I see where your heads at but I am not exactly sure I agree.

Yes, I believe Justin Upton is an upgrade, but when the Yanks talked to the Diamondbacks about Upton last season, they were kicking the tires and in my opinion, I'm not so sure they were serious. Believe me if they were serious now and someone like Nick Swisher could be a trading chip for pitching, it could make things very interesting in Yankeeland. Don't forget, the Yankees were also "hot and heavy" for Yoennis Cespedes...maybe.

The latest on Cespedes is according to Jeff Passan from Yahoo Sports he's never seen a more confident agent. Read HERE.

There is talk that Cespedes may demand Aroldis Chapman money, but it could even be looking for more. Would the Yankees go after Yoennis Cespedes? Would they consider revisiting the Justin Upton rumor from last November. Whatever the case, BYB readers are smart and an Upton upgrade may be the way to go... it came from right field (no pun intended) when I read our poll results, but it's not a bad idea at all.

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