Thursday, January 27, 2011


I really didn't want to write about this because the reality is, it's complicated, boring and I personally feel that it has no impact on what Andy Pettitte does with the Yankees. That being said, I need to get this off my chest.

Whatever Roger Clemens says or does should not affect how Andy Pettitte decides. That's based on 1 reason. Honesty.

One thing you have to admire about a lot of these ballplayers who have been tied to performance enhancing drugs. The ones who KNOW they're caught, come clean and admit they're wrong. Maybe it's God, maybe it's their conscience telling them it's wrong, maybe it's their wife. Whatever it is, I like it.

What I don't like is arrogance. Roger Clemens, while he was an incredible pitcher, is arrogant. Barry Bonds, is arrogant. Andy Pettitte is modest, unassuming and believable, bottom line.

It's difficult to examine all these guys, guys you grew up loving as a kid, worshipping as they struck out 20 or hit 40 home runs a season. When the whole HGH scandal broke out, some admitted it, some denied it, some acted like it was an accident, but all we're guilty. But the ones who had been eaten up inside because they knew they were not invincible came clean. You have to admire that, in fact, that's why you have to admire Andy Pettitte. Because whatever he did or didn't do, he told us and we were able to turn the page.

With Roger Clemens trial right around the corner, everyone is connecting it to Andy Pettitte's return. I just don't see it. Quite simply because Andy paid his dues. Andy sat in front of his teammates and the world and admitting what he did. The difference is Roger Clemens did not. And now there is alot of talk about Rusty Hardin, Roger's lawyer, being connected to Andy in some capacity and that is why Andy and people are suggesting that's why Andy can't decide.

My feeling? If Andy had anything to hide, he would have hung it up and walked away. I don't connect the 2, and I'm fine waiting for Andy's return to baseball and only that. The rest is too complicated to me. We have a connection between Rusty Hardin, Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte. While in court, Clemens could be asked about Hardin and a potential conflict of interest regarding the representation of him because Hardin was once the attorney of Andy Pettitte.

I may sound ignorant when I say this, but if you're honest, how can it hurt you? Andy was honest. It seems like a bigger problem for Clemens than Andy, am I wrong? Why is Andy being dragged into this, after all, honesty is King. Andy's still an active free agent, he won a Championship with the Yankees in 2009. He admitted he was wrong, so what does it have to do with Clemens now? Why can't Andy just move on?

Clemens was indicted in August 2010. He was charged with six felony perjury and obstruction counts that could result in a prison term. Hardin said Roger turned down a plea agreement offer from the government, adding that his client will never admit to using steroids of HGH.

After Clemens pleaded not guilty, Hardin brought in a criminal defense specialist to help out with the case. The defense wants the specialist to deal with aspects related to Andy Pettitte. Which is where we're at right now because the prosecutors have suggested this be asked by the federal judge Rusty Hardin next week. They will ask, what was the arrangement?

You following this? I barely do. It's totally confusing which brings me to my original point. Isn't this Clemens problem? Yes, Andy has a connection by name and former dealing, but that's the past. I feel like all this is a thirst for a nugget, ANY nugget to try and crack what's keeping Andy out of baseball. But I have to say, I just don't buy it.

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