Thursday, December 16, 2010


Say what you will about AJ Burnett, a headcase, not focused, damn good pitcher. Maybe you even love the guy because of the whole "pie thing" to the Bronx. Overall though, AJ Burnett is a great pitcher going through a rough patch. He's also apparently a very private person, many of us are. Look at Derek Jeter, another private guy, you can't get anything out of that guy. So, what's my point? Whatever AJ is dealing with internally in his family life, his head, whatever, that is his business. Oh yeah, and the Yankees business too, after all, they invested in him.

Yesterday, ESPN’s radio blowhard Colin Cowherd came out with some story about AJ Burnett going through a quote “rough divorce” and he insinuated that it was THAT for why he was pitching so lousy, the non focus on the mound, the black eye, all that crap.

Now you can sit here and tell me the Colin Cowherd is great at what he does on the radio. OK, I give you that. But one thing he’s not good at is reporting rumors. The Golden rule in journalism, get the facts first. If it’s a rumor, check it out. If it doesn’t check out, shut up. If it does, use your moral compass; Do you really want someone’s personal life out there? Would YOU want YOUR personal life out there? Colin Cowherd doesn’t care about that I guess. Do me a favor, Leave the kid alone. Let him deal with whatever private matter he's dealing with, if he’s dealing with any at all, that is. A few hours after Cowherd blabbed his "gossip", AJ’s agent stepped in and said it was all crap. Good work.

Look, during the winter and winter meetings, "rumors" among players and teams is fun. You hear something about a trade, a deal, maybe you hear about a "mystery" team, maybe you even make up a "mystery" team. That stuff’s harmless. We all do it. No one gets hurt. But, Jeez man, blabbing rumors about a person’s private life? That's just plain irresponsible and Cowherd's a turd for doing it.

Remember, when Mike Piazza had to have a press conference just to clear his name and declare that he wasn’t gay? (I still don’t get that by the way.) Read HERE. It was probably funny to everyone else that a “rumor” was circulating about Piazza’s sexuality, but it obviously bothered Piazza. It’s private. So what if he was or he wasn't, it’s supposed to be about baseball, not these guys private life. Same thing applies here. AJ won't and shouldn't even respond to Cowherd. Ignore it, let the agent do it. Focus AJ focus on what's important.

Now, Colin apologized today saying this: “If he is not going through a divorce, that’s on me, not my source, That’s on me, not this company. That’s on me because it’s personal, and I have to eat that and I have to say that’s my fault 100 percent.” But, the Damage is done Cowherd. The damage is done.

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