Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Let me start by saying that Jeter would be a fool not to accept the offer from the Yankees. And apparently they all met in Tampa for a big Pow Wow because they haven't talked in 3 weeks.

The San Francisco Giants have been in contact with Jeter about his services but they just picked up Miguel Tejada which makes me think Close told Sabean they were going to try and work things out with the Yanks. But as you know, Jeter wants more money and more years and who knows if they really decide to stay in New York. My gut's been saying yes, they'll work it out. BUT, then the devil on my other shoulder gave me a disturbing thought. It's the most disturbing idea I've ever thought of so far, and I'm ashamed of myself for even thinking this, but let's face it, it's both provocative and obvious. The Boston Red Sox can and should make an all out assault to sign Derek Sanderson Jeter. Why? I will tell you... For 1 fact and 1 fact only. THEY CAN. What does it matter that they throw $60 million at an aging shortstop? He's a former New York Yankee great. Plus, Jeet's better than what they have right now and have had in that position for a long time. Can you say Julio Lugo? I see the paper's in Boston now: Boston Herald: "JEET WALKIN' YAWKEY". Boston Globe: "WICKED JEETA BOLTS EVIL EMPIRE". Everyone in New York would shit. Suicides would increase in the Tri-state Area... and in Boston, evil Boston, tickets sales would skyrocket come April, all to see their aging shortstop that they didn't want, but needed. There is a part of me that knows that I'm right about this. The Red Sox front office can be brilliant with their signings. We've seen it with people like Schilling, Lowell, Ortiz and Manny. When it comes to business, they have a pretty good track record. They also understand symbolism, triumph and rivalry. And don't get it twisted, Boston hates us, just like we hate them. It would be a thumb in every Yankee fans eye if we woke up on December 22nd and saw the back of the New York Post with Derek Jeter sitting there in a photoshopped Bosox hat and his arm around Wally the Mascot. It would literally kill Yankee fans. And it would be smart. Seeing Jeter on Opening day in Fenway, would be televised on MLB Network as well as ESPN and would be a disgusting display. Red Sox fans wouldn't even want Jeter, but they would embrace the idea of Yankee fans in misery. The venom would become much more between both teams. And the fans? Forget it, more fights, screaming, spitting. They'd cut off the beer from vendors by the 3rd inning. And Red Sox Nation, while they'll have an aging shortstop, will smile ear to ear thinking about payback. Payback for the Babe, for Damon, for Boggs and for Clemens. It won't matter that Jeter is 37 at that point, they'll have the face of the New York Yankees in a Red Sox uniform. It's about the biggest payback you can get from a rival besides losing to them in a championship. So don't sit back and think its all roses between Jeter and the Yanks. While today Hank Steinbrenner is quoted as saying things are "positive", let's face it, it's coming from Hank Steinbrenner. Boston could pull it off, I'm sad to say and I don't like it one bit. An offer can come at any moment and it won't be the same as what New York's asking, it'll be bigger and bolder. Let's just hope the Yankees beat the Red Sox to the punch again... Kind of like the Boone Home Run. Let's get our Captain back.

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