Monday, November 15, 2010


So if Posada is the permanent DH for the New York Yankees, and Jesus Montero is getting a shot as the first string catcher. How's this going to play out?

I've been reading a lot of rumors about Cashman not ruling out getting a vetran catcher in the mix behind the plate to contribute to the team. If the rumors are true, and they usually are, then I like that idea.. But, my suggestion to Cash is this... .make sure whomever it is, they can throw out baserunners.

All of 2010 everyone, including myself, loved Posada's bat but were very critical of his defense. And with good reason, he was exposed. You can see an obvious decline this year in Jorge no doubt and having Francisco Cervelli behind the plate as a backup didn't make anything much better either. Yes, Cervelli has passion, my number 1 attribute in a ballplayer, but he's got to hit. Now that I think about it, I don't think Cervelli had 1 homerun all year. To me, that's a 3rd string catcher. Now, all my "Team Francisco" pals are going to rip me, but come on. I love the guy but we can't wait for him to perform in the majors, that's what the minors are for.

So, what's the solution? First off, you have Jesus Montero, Austin Romine and Cervelli show up in spring training. Fine. Then, you throw a veteran type in the mix and its game on. May the best catcher win. Let's mke this simple people.

But who is that veteran? It's a Chad Moeller type, but is it Chad Moeller? John Buck? Buck is not a Moeller type, he's better. He's consistant, a veteran and a good hitter and defensively he'd be a better choice. He'd also be more expensive. How about 53 year old Gregg Zaun. I joke about his age, but the guy's still got it, don't be fooled. But, back to Buck, If he were the guy, along with a Montero or Romine, I like what I see there. Now, even if Romine kicks ass in Spring Training, your gut has to tell you that Yankee Brass have already made their mind up about Golden Boy Montero and he most definitely will be on the Roster in 2011. The question is; would it be Cervelli as the 3rd string to a veteran (1) and Montero (2). OR is it Montero (1), Buck type (2) or Cervelli 3. A lot of catching questions. One thing is fact though. Posada, a stud and standup guy has his catchng days numbered. Yes, if he needed to fill in, it could happen sure. But, a 39 year old catcher who just had knee surgery... Well, that sounds like the end may be near. Thank god Jorge can still hit, Having him in the DH slot is great. I just hope he finds his rhythm as the DH role fast so there's no drop off from that bat.

So, what would you do? Would you try and sign a veteran at a bargain for 1 year? Someone like John Buck? Would you keep Posada as the head catcher? Use Montero? Romine? Cervelli? Gregg Zaun? Tell me what you think. And look to vote on this page. We'll give the results after Thanksgiving.

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  1. I really hope the Yankees don't sign a veteran catcher. I'd much rather them try to make a mid-season trade if they really have to later on. Give the kids a chance.

  2. Rob, thanks for commenting. I totally hear you! comment again.


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