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Source: NY Post

When DJ LeMahieu signed a 24-million, 2-year deal with the Yankees back in mid-January, no one really thought that the Yankees would have to cash in on him quite like they will have to given the injuries to both Miguel Andujar and Giancarlo Stanton.  LeMahieu, clearly a professional, has truly risen to the occasion giving the Yankees both the offense and defense they need in a utility player who could very much mimic a Ben Zobrist kind a player for the Bombers.

Source: USA Today

"A two-time National League All-Star and a three-time Gold Glove Award winner over seven seasons with the Rockies, LeMahieu was one of the top second basemen available on a free-agent market that was crowded at that position," reported back in January. Fast forward to today, and LeMahieu appears to be very comfortable and unfazed by the challenge of potentially playing a different position each night and stepping into the role of an everyday third-baseman as needed.

“The guy’s a baseball player,’’ said (Troy) Tulowitzki.“You put him anywhere, he’s gonna impact the game offensively and defensively. He’ll give you everything he’s got. He was all over the place and made some good plays,’’reported Empire Sports Media.

Source: NY Post

And to Tulo's point, LeMahieu has been clutch for the Yankees.  He has also done damage at the plate as well, fighting off tough pitches and getting on base.  It is still early, but LeMahieu has quietly done the job the Yankees desperately need him to do, consistently, every night with the injured list getting longer.

Source: The Denver Post

“I've hit the ball well and I hope it continues,” LeMahieu said before the game Monday night.
He said he’s brought the same approach to the plate that he had in Colorado — and even prior to that. “I’ve tried to be a tough out since I was a kid, so for me to try to be someone else, I don’t think it would work,” LeMahieu said according to the New York Post.

Skipper Aaron Boone said LeMahieu will hit all over the lineup depending on the day.  Again, just showing the versatility he brings to the team in any role the Yankees ask him to take.  DJ is shining in the Bronx: an incredible early return on the investment for the Yankees.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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  1. So far so good , funny how Andujar got a break on Drury's injury and now DJ on Andujar's.I only hope he hits like Andujar last year.
    So both 1B hitting about the same but they are playing Voit.
    I say stick a lineup on the field and let them play every day and quit messing with it.
    These guys should not need this much rest this early in the season.


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