Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Now is when we need Ivan Nova most.  Now is when Ivan Nova is supposed to lead the charge, even ahead of CC Sabathia, who has not been vintage CC this season.  Now if when this kid who many doubted early on, my included, is supposed to put it into full gear and coast to an 18 win season.  Nova is a future leader of this Yankee club, but right now he’s struggling mightily, which raises questions.  Do we skip him in the rotation? Is Larry Rothschild checking out the kid's mechanics? Is Nova just exhausted and if so, what does that mean for him down the stretch and into the playoffs?

Look, last night the Tigers beat the Yankees.  If wasn’t like it would be an easy task, Justin Verlander is a darn good pitcher and he struck out 14 Yanks.  Look, we didn't have the offense, and he was just good, so the point is, even if Nova was getting rocked, it wasn't going to be an easy taste to keep the guy in the game.  It sucked.  Truth be told, I was banking on big V  to have Kate Upton rooting from him in the stands and he just royally blowing it against the Yankees. 
We weren't so lucky.  Too Bad.

So are you worried about Ivan Nova? I am. Nova seems to be in the rut and it appears to be a big one.Think of it this way, if Nova continues to struggle, how can we even consider using him in the post season? The guy got killed in his last outing against the Orioles giving up 9 runs.  Last night in Detroit, Nova gave up 7 runs in 5.1 innings.  That's not bad, it's terrible and with a guy like Freddy Garcia pitching, not outstanding, but smart (mixing up his pitches), I'd have go with Freddy in the rotation if the playoffs started tomorrow.  Nova has the Burnett disease right now...that thing where the losses and bad pitches get in his head and he can't get them out.  (Clearly Burnett had is in New York and not in Pittsburgh.)
Look, I'm  not about to kill Nova here.  I like the kid, he has a ton of potential, but you can't sit there and tell me that the Yankees are going to just let him figure this out on his own.  He's too young and probably not mature enough to handle deep analysis of his mechanics on his own.  Plus, that's what Rothschild gets paid to do, tinker when needed. Well, message to Rothschild, start tinkering because Yankeeland needs Nova bad. The kids fading at the wrong time. It just ain't right.

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