Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Even if we get to the playoffs with Aaron Boone as their manager... does anyone actually think the New York Yankees can make it that deep into it and perhaps even win the World Series? Have you seen how inconsistent our bats are? Have you seen how worn out our pen is? Have you seen that we really don't have the arms to go anywhere except for ending up losing the ALDS or even the Wild card game?

The Yankees don't have the stuff. It's pretty obvious. And yes, they could go on a streak again, there's no question about it, but confidence is down, fan support is down... and the Yankees just suck, can we just admit it? This is not their year.  Great a win against the Rangers is good, but we need many more wins.

I've been ripping on Aaron Boone all season. This guy is trash. I know he's probably a real nice guy, but he cannot command any type of respect from a team like this. The Yankees are better than this, but leadership starts at the top and if this guy can't lead, the Yankees are gonna have a hell of a time trying to win. 


noun: the action of leading a group of people or an organization

What does a leader do? They create an inspiring vision and they look toward the future. Now this is baseball, but what you need to do is draw confidence from your troops. In essence, you need them believing they can do anything out there.   If someone like Boone goes into a post game, all he's ever doing is talking in circles.  "Yeah, Gary let that ball get by him and in that situation, he can't do that."  or "Yeah, we're not hitting and we need to do better."  I mean... no shit.

If you can't motivate or inspire your team and keep them engaged... you get fired. And that is what I am hoping happens to this guy.

I said it once and I'll say it again... how much do you love Phil Nevin? One of the most experienced guys on the Yankees staff and a passionate baseball guy.  You know who the Yankees will work for? Phil Nevin.  When Nevin speaks, these guys listen.  When Boone argues a call, you know he's just putting on a show to rev up the fan base and the team. But you know that it's a show and nothing more.

When Phil Nevin argues, he's just downright pissed. He cares so much about winning and has been on a baseball field way longer than loser Boone. Honestly, I don't know what Yankee Brass was thinking when they put together this ridiculous Yankees coaching staff. They are not experienced, more excited about their job title than the work, and I gotta be honest, they know NOTHING. It's like a bunch of fan boys in the dugout drooling over the fact that they can chat with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in the hopes that one day their kids can come down into the dugout and take a picture with them.  Knock it off... we have a season to play!

Look, the bottom line is the Yankees are running out of time when it comes to consistency. You don't want them stumbling into the playoffs as they will literally have no shot.  Or maybe we do want them to not make the playoffs... right? Maybe then we can dump Sanchez, the entire coaching staff and Boone and let Phil Nevin still stand... maybe as our future manager or maybe just that necessary energy we need in that dugout.  We need a change folks... this may be the worst season I've ever remembered in recent Yankee memory. It's almost like Yankee brass took their eye off the ball.


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