Friday, July 30, 2021


Covid destroyed small businesses. We all know this. My buddy sent me this a short time ago. I actually know this place and I wanted to pass on. If you can find it in your heart, make a donation. It can be 5 bucks of $5,000. The point is it's about helping others in this time of need. Here's the GoFund me link:

If you need background, this place has been standing for 65 years. writes:

"Former FBI agent Frank Reilly, a Navy veteran from Albany who served in World War II, opened The Fireplace in 1956. Burgers went for 35 cents (40 cents with cheese), and a milkshake would set you back a nickel and a dime. Reilly died in the late '90s. His son Patrick Reilly currently owns the business..."


"When the virus hit in 2020, the Bergen County restaurant was temporarily shuttered. But the local fixture introduced drive-thru takeout and curbside pickup service and made a comeback with indoor dining in the fall, rallying to stay open. Now The Fireplace is calling it quits.

Generations of North Jersey residents bear solemn witness as its flame is extinguished by the pressures of the pandemic...

Customers devastated by the sudden announcement commiserated on the restaurant’s Facebook page, remembering their favorite orders and wishing for another day, week, or month to get in one last visit.

One customer, David Brown, even started a Fireplace “relief fund” GoFundMe to raise money in an effort to keep the business open, with a goal of generating $500,000.

“We cannot let our neighbors down, and this is precisely what The Fireplace is - a spot for friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy,” Brown said on the page. “This restaurant is cherished by so many, and we owe it to future generations to keep their doors open and not let the economic pressures from COVID-19 take it away from us.”

Do a good deed today. Make a donation. Nice work David Brown. I read that if the Fireplace does NOT accept the donation in this final push, all money that goes through GoFundMe will be returned to the people that donated. It's a win win.


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