Thursday, May 6, 2021


What a nice, warm welcome for the ASSTROS, right? I mean, it couldn't happen to a more deserving team. Sure, there are only five guys on the ASTROS still from that 2017 cheating team, but they are the biggest lowlifes of them all. They deserve what they got and what is still to come.

There's no forgive and forget for these guys. Booing and heckling these guys was a long time in the making. I'm sure we've all seen the pictures and we know about all of the chants from the fans, and none of it was a surprise, but man some of the reactions from the Astros themselves have been the best parts for me.

First of all, why the hell is Kyle Tucker even opening his mouth? He's a 24-year old nobody who barely has a job but he sure threw himself in the spotlight on Tuesday before the game when he said, "Our job is to go out and play baseball and not worry about what the fans or anyone says, so that’s really what we’re focusing on." There's nothing wrong with that statement, but why was he even talking to the media anyway? He's a no-name, so it's no surprise why fans responded with the "We don't know you!" chant. This kid with his .183BA barely has a major league job and wasn't even around in 2017. He needed to blend into the background and just be thankful he wasn't stashed in the minors. Maybe he learned a lesson, we don't know you, Tucker....but you sure do know us.

And what about Dusty Baker's reaction? That was good too. He thought "the fans were extremely hard on Altuve tonight," Baker said HERE. "He's exerting a lot of effort, maybe too much effort." Nobody feels sorry for him. I doubt he expects anything different and he shouldn't. Altuve isn't remorseful and no one is throwing Jose Altuve a pity party. He exerted a lot of effort to least let him exert a lot of energy at the plate and lose. 

But for ME, the best reaction came from Alex Cora! Have you seen THIS? He had a lot to say about the Astros treatment and I had to laugh.

"Yeah, I saw it. Obviously, it was interesting to say the least," Cora said. "What we did was wrong. Three people got suspended, another one (Carlos Beltran), he doesn't have a job in baseball. I still don't know how or why, because he was a player at that point. And then the guys, it's gonna be around them for a while. I know Dusty Baker made a good point, there's only what, four or five guys that played with us in 2017? But I mean, this is what we did and people are paying the price in different ways."

Now that he's got his job back with the Red Sox and he's ready to move on and hopefully forget it all....he knows "what we did was wrong." He should be counting his lucky stars that he got a second chance because he doesn't deserve it AT ALL. 

And at least he knows his turn is coming and he hasn't escaped any ridicule, either.
"It was a different atmosphere at Yankee Stadium with only 10,000 people, I can only imagine when they have 100 percent when the Red Sox are there," Cora said. "That'll be interesting. The fans, they're gonna remind us what we did and that's their right. You have to respect that." Cora better start preparing now for his June visit to the Bronx.

It's funny how Carlos Correa, Altuve and Alex Bregman had more to say when they were exposed as the dirty cheaters they are....but now they aren't talking. I'm sure they will have plenty to say when they leave Yankee stadium. I'm sure when we visit them in Houston they will have comments....but for now they are pansies.

This is what the Astros get. They didn't get punished by Rob Manfred, so now they can deal with the fans reactions and suck it up. The chants and the booing is far from over. Hey made your bed, now lie in it!

  --Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
     BYB Managing Editor
    Twitter: @nyprincessj

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