Sunday, May 9, 2021


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Saturday night was a great kickoff to Mother's Day— a walk-off win in 11 innings courtesy of the small ball. The Yankees were bested for 8 innings with Max Scherzer on the mound. But it came down to the phantom runner on second in extra innings and Gleyber Torres just putting the ball or rather dribbling the ball in play that enabled the Yankees to beat the Nationals 4-3 in the 11th. 

If the Yankees can take the rubber game this afternoon it might give them the confidence to take on the Rays and actually beat them. All I want for Mother's Day is for the Yankees to take the hard right turn and drive it up the straight away to the top of the AL East, taking everyone in their way down. 

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"Kluber, the two-time Cy Young winner who was coming off a vintage performance with eight shutout innings last Sunday against the Tigers, wasn’t quite as sharp this time. But he still gave the Yankees a strong chance to win, tossing 5 ²/₃ innings while giving up two runs on six hits and three walks and striking out six," reported the New York Post. And keeping the game close is key for the Yankees to be able to pounce late and get their team the win. 

Consistency. That is really the key for the Yankees to stay close in the AL East and eventually take the lead. Keeping their team close, starting pitchers need to set up the offense to win. And hitting with runners in scoring position, taking advantage of any missteps, and playing with heart is what the Yankees need to keep at the forefront of their focus. It doesn't happen overnight but it can happen. 

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Last year I torn my achilles tendon and it was a tough set back for me as a runner. For those of you who know me, I battled. I worked hard and I continue to work on my form. And on Saturday, I ran pain-free for 7 miles. I was efficient, I was focused and I gave myself every opportunity to achieve my goal. I appreciate anyone, or any team that can push passed injuries, passed the negative voices in their head, and work toward the goal. This year, the goal for the Yankees is the same as it has been since 2009—win #28. And after last night's win, I have a renewed faith in this team. Because they worked together, starting pitching and offense, to get the win after a terrible setback on Friday night.

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So all I want for Mother's Day is the absolute best. Your best, the Yankees best, my family's best, my friends' best, my own best. Give it your all and you'll be surprised how far you will get. To all our mothers out there, have a great day. And to all of the Yankees' mothers, wives, and partners, I celebrate you for your loyalty, gumption and the support you give your husbands and sons. Now, Yankees, let's go get this one today; do it for us!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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