Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Avoiding cabin-fever during this mandatory stay-at-home is a difficult task.  Yet, Yankee players and fans alike are doing some interesting things to not only pass the time but stay sharp, fit and healthy.  So as we wait for the fait of the 2020 season and let MLB figure out its contingency plan to launch the season potentially in Arizona in front of empty bleachers, let's take a look across the country via Twitter to see how people are keeping busy and healthy during the pandemic.

First up, DJ LeMahieu, who has turned in his stick for another kind of stick.  The captions on Twitter read, "I bet DJ LeMahieu would score 50 goals in the NHL", and "Light work for The Machine." Passing the time and staying active, got to like DJ. Staying home and keeping busy and sharp.

Gary Sanchez is keeping busy honing his craft behind the plate at home.  Glad to see him working out and staying loose during the pandemic.  And when the season does start, hopefully he will be ready to go.

Brian Cashman is pushing out videos on Twitter helping folks use house hold items as fitness solutions and equipment to stay fit while staying at home.  And when he is not working out and teaching others, he is sending comfort food to the hospitals hoping to provide something sweet during a difficult day. 

There are those who are taking to video games and the newest oldest rage right now is Nintendo's Animal Crossing, which just dropped for the hand held system, The Switch.

You can even wear your favorite Yankee hat while you build the city of your dreams and attract, hopefully the best residents.  

Other fans are dreaming about what they would be eating at the Stadium if they were there.  I even made a ball park inspired dinner the other evening that included hot dogs with all of the fixings, popcorn, peanuts, and yes big can beer!  Here are few Yankee Stadium classics and the best is they are 0 calories just to peek!

I think the best of all is what the Yankee field crew did in tribute for the New York healthcare workers and particularly for their team over at New York Presbyterian.  

"We improvised with the wooden pieces that hold down the tarp, but we wanted to make sure our partners at  @nyphospital and all of NYC's healthcare workers know how much we appreciate them. #NYPHeroes." 

The Yankees and their fans are certainly coming up with good ways to pass the time and support each other.  Stay healthy, BYB Family!  We are here for you! So reach out, send us a comment, tell us what you are doing to pass the time and beat cabin-fever and know we appreciate you!  Baseball will be back, if we just wait this out.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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