Friday, January 24, 2020


Even though it does not feel like it with this weather, Spring Training is just around the corner. Luckily, the Yankees have most things in place and now just have the problem of choosing who is going to start on Opening Day. There are two battles that will take place during Spring Training: fifth starter and backup infielder.

Source: WFAN

J.A. Happ's veteran status will make him the front runner for the fifth starting spot, however there are multiple pitchers that could step up to the plate. Jordan Montgomery has recovered from Tommy John Surgery and had an impress curveball that generated impressive numbers for a rookie. After Happ's disappointing 2019, do the Yankees want someone fresh to step in?

As for backup infielder, it will come down to either Tyler Wade or Thairo Estrada, who are really neck and neck based on their past performances. Wade sticks out from the pair because he is a lefty, which the Yankees lack in their hitting order. His speed is also helpful when it comes to base running as well as defensively. However Estrada is an excellent shortstop, a very hard position to play. He also has more power in his bat. The playing field is even for the pair to prove themselves at Spring Training.

The countdown to February 22nd begins!

--Missy O'Rourke
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  1. Still say Andujar should start at 3rd base against RHP and Stanton at DH , against LHP Frazier in LF , Judge CF and Stanton RF and Andujar the DH. Scputs have all said Andujar has a MLB bat but until last year Urshela did not.Since less than 6% of balls are hit to 3B then I could live with Andujar at 3B he jas a stronger though less accurate arm than Urshela.I am worried about SS because Didi had better range and stronger arm .Vpit will injure a hammy or something else and Ford will shift to 1B.
    With the 3 batter rule I think a deeper bench is needed and better relievers ( we should had signed Betances)


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