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I love when I get alittle inside information.  A little birdie told me about Laura Posada helping host an event last weekend at the Circle in a Square theater.  It was an event, a Broadway Mamarazzi event and Laura and the Moms gave alittle Q & A event before the Bronx Bombers show.   Luckily for us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue, we've built a solid friendship and I reached out to Laura to see if we could get the BYB audience some info about the event, as well as her life these days with Jorge and the family at home.  After all, we're Team Posada here...

Luckily for us, she accepted and we smiled. The next part of this post is special and exclusive to BYB readers.  I'm proud to say I know Laura and happy to promote her whenever we can.  Not just because we respect her as a person and all she's doing in the New York Yankee family, but because she's one of the hardest working women out there, and she's making things happen every day.

So... enjoy this interview... I certainly did:

BYB:  Laura, tell me about the Bronx Bombers event, the Broadway Mamarazzi and the Q & A? How did this all come about and who was in attendance? 

Laura Posada: The Moms invited me to host the event with them and gave me the opportunity to choose a charity to benefit which was MyFace. (  

The public was in attendance as well as some mommy bloggers.  Jorge was my date and he was actually a surprise for those in attendance, so it was really cool to see their faces light up when they saw him. 

BYB: How was the Bronx Bombers show? So many are curious about it. Can you give it 2 thumbs up?

Laura Posada: The show was very good. It has the immortals and Yankee legends that make the team the great family and most successful franchise in history.  Watching the relationship between Yogi and Carmen Berra reminded me of my relationship with Jorge and all the sleepless nights worried about the team and winning... it was very emotional.  Peter, who plays Yogi, was absolutely amazing!!!

BYB: Tell us about your coaching certification. What was the process like for you?  

Laura Posada: I have enjoyed working to change people's lives for may years now, but I wanted to know more about it.  Thus, I decided to study and get my certification.  I am currently a Professional Certified Coach and will finish my master to be a Certified Master Coach in March.

BYB: Jorge is a competitor, we all know that, but there is a side of Jorge that we have all seen through you on Twitter and Facebook that we really appreciate as well, He looks like he's really enjoying retirement. Are you all enjoying it?

Laura Posada: We are definitely enjoying it.  He's had the opportunity to relax and travel.  Also, he's been cycling, skiing and boating.  He gets to spend time with the kids at baseball and softball practice and that is priceless!

BYB: What was your first thought when Jorge told you he was contemplating retiring from baseball? 

Laura Posada: I just wanted him to be sure of his decision and then I also thought 'OMG, What am I going to do with him home 24/7?'... Ha ha.  It took some time to get used to a new routine with him home, but it's been a blessing and we're all very happy.

BYB: How difficult was it for you to balance Jorge's, your own and your kids' schedules when Jorge was playing? What advice can you give women who balance multiple roles?  

Laura Posada: It was definitely challenging, but I knew that it wasn't going to last forever.  He worked extremely hard so I just matched his work ethic at home and work.  As a woman wearing multiple hats, I can honestly say it takes a lot of energy and willpower to do it, but if you stay focused on your goal you can make it happen.

BYB: Have you ever tried on all of Jorge's Championship rings at once? Would you pose for a picture wearing our BYB shirt and wearing the rings at the same time for us?  

Laura Posada: No, actually I haven't.  I respect those rings and what they mean so I leave them locked and safe.  I actually do have a necklace that he made from me from one of the rings and that I can show you someday.

BYB: Raising a daughter is difficult given the ideals thrust upon them by society. What advice do you give Paulina, and what advice would you give young girls in general to empower them, and encourage them to become powerful and successful?  

Laura Posada: I think it is important not just to tell them, but to show them by example.  Girls are very smart and sometimes asking them powerful questions helps more that actually giving advice.  The one thing I do remind Paulina is to respect, love and believe in herself.  Once you do that the whole world will follow.

BYB: Based on what you experienced with your son, as well as the people you met through the Jorge Posada Foundation, what advice do you give to parents with children who have special needs and physical challenges? 

Laura Posada: My advice would be to stay strong and share their experience with others who are in similar situations.  Health is not only physical. To be healthy there needs to be balance of the mind, body and soul so look for it constantly so that you can overcome even the toughest of challenges.

A special thanks to Laura for offering us alittle update and some insight about the Posada family.  I am proud to call her a friend.

Hope everyone enjoys this today... stay warm and safe if you're in the Northeast.

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