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It's not every day that you get to talk to a living legend.  If you're Al Malafronte of Cirillo World Public Relations, you just scored big time! Al, a friend of Bleeding Yankee Blue was nice enough to sit down with Don Larsen on our behalf and ask him a few questions about life around his 1956 Perfect Game.  But there's other news...he was at the Yogi Berra Museum on Monday with Yogi Berra himself auctioning off his jersey worn during that perfect game, read HERE. The reason? To help out his grandchildren, currently in high school and college. He's giving back to his family and to be honest, you can't beat this!
So here's that short interview with the great Don Larsen. A special thanks to Al Malafronte, to Cirillo World Public Relations and to Brandon Steiner, the author of the new book "You Gotta Have Balls" who was also involved with this event. You can read all about Mr. Steiner HERE, we love the guy!  But now, I bring you Don Larsen. Enjoy this, I did.

BYB: When you pitched your Perfect Game in the '56 World Series, when did it start to click that you really had a shot at a Perfect Game?

Don Larsen: "I had mentioned it to Mantle at the end of the 7th inning, 'Mick, look at the scoreboard.' Wouldn't it be something? 2 more innings to go, I'm thinking, I shouldn't have said anything!"
(In photo: Hank Bauer)
BYB: Which Yankee were you closest to during your playing days with the Yankees club?

Don Larsen: "Probably Hank Bauer, and also Moose Skowron who we've lost. They were great teammates."

BYB: What is the best part of forever being known as "the guy" who threw a perfect game in the 1956 World Series?

Don Larsen: "That's one of those things I'll never forget with Yogi and I. What it meant to us then, and what it'll mean to us as time goes on; it'll never be forgotten."

Again, a special thanks to Al Malafronte and of course Don Larsen.  Also I want to mention "Perfect Pitch", a charity named in Mr. Larsen's honor.  For more information about "Perfect Pitch", you can visit their website by just clicking HERE.

Don Larsen Perfect Pitch HRD Introduction from Perfect Pitch HRD on Vimeo.

Here's alittle background: "Perfect Pitch," is a not for profit organization and all funds go directly to mentally and physically challenged children, sports programs for disadvantaged children, and special Scout troop #364.

We will be placing "Perfect Pitch" on our website next to all the other great charities we love!

We hope the Bleeding Yankee Blue readers enjoyed this. It was an honor to have Mr. Larsen and "Perfect Pitch" be part of the BYB family.  Thank you.

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