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We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue have tried to give you things that the other blogs don't. One of the big things that make us unique are our interviews with former Yankee players as well as stars like Kimberly Jones. Well, It's my pleasure to offer an interview with one of our favorite "new" Yankees and down to earth guy, Dante Bichette Jr.

Dante is the future of the New York Yankees and when we were able to secure an interview with him, we were psyched. So here it is, our BYB Exclusive with Dante Bichette Jr. Enjoy!

BYB: First of all, congratulations on the Gulf Coast League MVP this season and your GCL Championship. How satisfied are you with your first year?

Dante Bichette Jr: My first year in pro ball was an awesome experience. I was lucky enough to go to the team I wanted to go to and lucky enough to have a crazy good Gulf Coast League team. One thing that made the jump from high school to pro ball such a great experience was having the coolest combination of coaching staff and management that I have ever played for.
(courtesy of: Scott Tidlund stidlundphotos)
BYB: What's it like to be drafted by the biggest sports franchise in the world, the New York Yankees, as compared to say, a smaller, less successful franchise?

Dante Bichette Jr: Being drafted to a franchise that just wins and wins is a great thing. The way to have the most fun in this game is to have success and win. I was on two winning teams this year, and will have two rings! That is something I feel like I could only have done being a Yankee.
BYB: Can you try and explain to Yankee fans what the draft process is like? Is it similar to the NFL draft, etc?

Dante Bichette Jr: I have never watched another draft other than mine so I cannot compare. But I can say it is basically a year of interviewing for a shot at a dream job, except you don't really know who your future employer will be until you are actually chosen.
(In Photo: Jesus Montero)
BYB: When you look up at the Yankees roster at the Major League level and see Montero and Romine making names for themselves, can you see yourself doing the same thing soon?

Dante Bichette Jr: It has been my dream since I was a little kid to be doing what they are doing. I think that if I keep putting in hard work consistently and making adjustments when I need to make them, and if God keeps me safe then I can definitely see myself there when it is my time.
(In Photo: Dante Bichette Sr)
BYB: Growing up as the son of a celebrated ballplayer, Dante Bichette Sr, what was it like growing up watching your dad play?

Dante Bichette Jr: I remember some things here and there. One thing I remember vividly was when my dad took me out to hit at Fenway Park. That was a pretty awesome experience.

BYB: Who are some of the other players you looked up to?

Dante Bichette Jr: My favorite player now is Derek Jeter. I love how you knew who just walked in the clubhouse when he showed up at our facility to rehab earlier this year. Of course, I like how he plays when he's on the field but I really admire his quiet confidence when he goes about his business.

BYB: What will you be doing during the off season to continue your development?

Dante Bichette Jr: This off season I will be hitting the gym hard to try and get my strength up. I have a pretty good routine of ground balls, hitting with my dad, running and throwing that I will be doing as well.
BYB: Growing up, who was 1 baseball player, besides your father, that you admired and wanted to emulate?

Dante Bichette Jr: I thought Barry Bonds was the man growing up. He was in the same division as my dad so it was easy to watch him. I was too young at the time to realize any controversy surrounding him, but I just knew he was a beast.

BYB: Have you ever read Bleeding Yankee Blue?

Dante Bichette Jr: As a rule, I don't read anything that has to do with me, but I have run across a few things from Bleeding Yankee Blue that have been tweeted to me.
(courtesy of: Scott Tidlund stidlundphotos)
BYB: We here have written about you extensively and are excited that you're part of the Yankees. Any kind words you'd like to say to the readers of our site?

Dante Bichette Jr: It's great to know people are rooting for me. I appreciate it a lot! Hopefully I will continue to give you reasons to be excited about me.

Dante Bichette Jr reminds me alot like Derek Jeter. Proud to be wearing the pinstripes and eager to please, he works hard and knows that nothing is handed to you in life. He has a good head on his shoulders and that clearly stems from an upbringing of tremendous parenting.

We truly appreciate Dante interviewing with us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. Our Senior Writer, Mikey Blue gave me the assist on this interview with Dante. Thank you Mikey.

One more thing to Dante Bichette Jr...go get'um kid, we're all rooting for you and can't wait to see you in the pros!

1 Special Note: Thank you so much to Scott Tidlund for allowing us to use 2 great shots of Dante Bichette Jr. for this interview. We appreciate it.

--Mikey Blue, BYB Senior Writer
Twitter: @MikeyBlu23

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