Friday, October 18, 2019


Four errors, 13 strikeouts, and 17 men left on base. Last night was not the performance we needed from the Yankees. Last night was a disaster. Now in order for our team to get to the World Series, we need to get through Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole.

Now, I'm not shaming the Yankees for losing this game. Teams lose there is no avoiding that. I am shaming the Yankees for losing to themselves. This is not the team we have been watching all season. Leaving 17 men on base is completely unacceptable.

Source: Newsday

“I think we all would say that’s unacceptable for where we are in the season,” said reliever Zack Britton. “That was tough to watch. You can’t really do anything about it now, but we’re gonna have to play a lot better baseball if we want to beat these guys.”

In my preview article from last week, THE YANKS, THE 'STROS, HICKS & THE ALCS, my strategy for the Yankees was to score early and get into the bullpen as soon as they could. However, now we are about to face the top of the Astros' pitching rotation for the second time this series.

Even though we might not be feeling hopeful, Aaron Judge does not seem worried about the next game.

Source: Sports Illustrated

"We're facing good pitching. We're getting guys on base, but we're just missing that one big hit," Judge said. "That's the thing Houston was able to do tonight. They got their big hits when they had some traffic on the bases. We've just got to regroup and go back to playing our game. What got us here was being able to put the ball in play, move guys over, score guys when they're out there on the pond."

The fate of tonight's game is not only on our team getting back to playing their game but on James Paxton's left arm.

Source: 12 UP

“I’m gonna go out there and let ’er rip,” Paxton told The Post after the game. “Go battle.”
It's not over yet folks, put your rally caps on tonight and let's continue the battle.

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
Twitter: @missy_orourke

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  1. Well time for some Yankees to step up or go home until next year.
    Ottavino proved one thing , Yankees need Betances next year.
    Time for Stanton to put up or shut up. hits it oit of the park he can crawl around the bases.


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