Monday, October 21, 2019


I wish I wasn't talking about "next season" right now, but the reality is we are. I thought about writing about "what went wrong" for us but the fact of the matter is it will only make me more frustrated and I know I am not alone. We already know what went wrong, so let's talk about what the Yankees can do to improve this team for 2020.

1. Get serious about starting pitching

The Yankees didn't aggressively pursue last season's big free agents, and they should not take the same approach this winter. We need top of the rotation pitchers. Look at the Astros and the Nationals, both teams are stacked with pitching and one will be a champion soon.

We didn't sign Patrick Corbin and while I don't regret that fact is he is pitching on a team playing in the World Series. If we did sign him we would've had a stronger rotation. The Yankees need to invest in pitching this winter and they have a long list to choose from that is ten times better than what was available last season. The Yankees need to spend some money here. There are a lot of interesting names here that would be a good addition to the rotation. Can the Yankees sign Gerrit Cole? He is going to be the shiny present every team wants and we have all seen why. Even if the Yankees don't sign him there are plenty of other names out there. Pick more than one and get it done. Pitching wins games and championships.

2. What happens to the bullpen?

Who stays and who goes? Dellin Betances was all set to cash in on a nice deal as a free agent this winter, but thanks to his lost season he won't get anywhere close to the payday he was hoping for. He will pitch for someone in 2020 but the question is will it be for the Yankees? Should it be for the Yankees? And Aroldis Chapman is another arm to consider because he can opt out of his contract. Chapman's last pitch wasn't the happy ending that the Yankees wanted but it still doesn't take away from the fact that he ended the year with 37 saves and a 2.21 ERA in 60 appearances this season. He has been one of baseball's most reliable relievers with 273 saves and a 2.23 career ERA so there is a possibility of opting out for more money. Of course, the Yankees could also tweak his deal to give him more to stay too. The bullpen was a strength for the Yankees this season, so hopefully the Yankees can build upon that.

3. Make some tough decisions

There are more than a dozen players to watch this winter, according to HERE, some of these guys may not have a future with the Yankees. A couple names caught my eye.

Domingo German. We really haven't heard much since it was announced a month ago that he was placed on administrative leave under Major League Baseball's domestic violence policy. said he needed "a change of scenery." I don't know if that is what I would call it but the Yankees will have to weigh the pros and cons on a very difficult and sensitive situation here. Do they bring back the pitcher who carried the team most of the year with a 18-4 record or do they cut ties?

And what about Didi Gregorius? He's become a fan favorite but can they sign him back? says he may be too expensive. I don't necessarily agree. Many teams are set at shortstop so he may not have a big market and he did miss a lot of time this season.

Should the Yankees bring back Brett Gardner? Now that the Yankees are without CC Sabathia his veteran leadership may be invaluable. If the Yankees can bring him back on a one-year deal is there a good enough reason that they shouldn't?

Finally, Greg Bird and Miguel Andujar may not fit the Yankees future plans anymore. I have never been a big Greg Bird fan. I think he has talent, but his constant injury history just makes him expendable. It is sad to see Andujar have a lost season after a brilliant 2018 which earned him runner-up Rookie of the Year. Has Gio Urshela stolen his spot with his better defensive skills and his improved offense this season? It's amazing what a difference a year can make.

There is a lot to consider going into the winter. One thing that doesn't sit right with me is the fact that the Yankees have just finished a decade without an appearance at the World Series. This isn't the history we want to make. Yankee brass needs to make some adjustments here because we can't let that continue.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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  1. 1.Sign or trade for a top of the line starter
    2.Sign Betances to 1 year with incentives and 2 option years based on similar Britton and Ottavino contracts
    3.Sign Gardner but not for more than 5 million plus incentives
    4.Cut loose Maybin , package a deal that include Bird , Wade and Frazier for starting pitcher
    5.Sign Chapman
    6.Fire Rothschild


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