Friday, August 23, 2019


Wednesday night brought us another disappointing J.A. Happ start, lasting only 4+ innings in the Yankees' 6-4 loss to the A's. Now that his ERA shot up to 5.58, what do the Yankees do with Happ after this season?

'I haven’t struggled like this in a while,' Happ said afterward. 'But again, I’m doing everything I can every day to come in and try to figure this thing out. Try to support the rest of the guys. And I feel good. So I feel like I can make the adjustments and make the changes. That’s my hope.' In between starts, Happ says he has been doing everything he can to try and improve his pitching.

'We’re trying to do everything we can between starts to try to figure out sequencing, location, execution, delivery,' Happ said. What's the best move for Happ right now? Instead of starting should he be put into the bullpen to relieve? Send him down to Triple-A? Deactivate him onto the IL? It's not the first time we have been this with Yankees' pitching.

The same happened with Sonny Gray: Boone kept confident with him till the bitter end before replacing him. The problem is, there's no one to replace Happ. 'I know he's frustrated,' Boone said.

'We've got to keep grinding away. But the stuff is there enough for him to go out and continue to be successful. We've just got to continue to find a way with him and try and learn from things but really try and find and build on a lot of the positive things that are happening with him in an outing.'”

--Missy O'Rourke
BYB Contributor
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Thursday, August 22, 2019


I'm stoked and I won't try and hide it! We may see Deivi Garcia sooner rather than later and I'm hoping we do. The stats this kid is putting up has me drooling for the chance to see him in the Bronx.

And that just may happen because Deivi has a new gig for the rest of the season and will pitch from the bullpen. But why?
"It’s a couple different reasons," Jay Bell Triple-A RailRiders manager said. "One, just to preserve pitches and that kind of stuff. But they also want to see if he’s an option in New York in September. So, we’ll see what happens there," read more HERE.

Deivi has been impressive this season, but he is already at a career high 103.2 innings pitched this season and his previous high was only 74. The Yankees no doubt want to rest him but they also want to use him as a September call up which will be here before we know it. It's smart to rest him before he gets his next big test.

His last appearance was Saturday out of the bullpen but that was because Ben Heller was also there on a rehab assignment and he was used as the RailRiders opener. Heller and Garcia pitched for a combined six innings and Deivi pitched in five of them and walked five, struck out seven and had one unearned run.

Bell said Deivi will switch to a reliever effective immediately but will have no set pitching schedule. I hope we see him in September, he could be a huge asset with our inconsistent pitching staff. Truth is the Yankees need as many arms as they can get right now. I hope Dellin Betances is back soon but you an never have enough arms, right? He's missed all season, a little extra insurance would be nice and I really want to see if the kid is ready for MLB hitters.

I like the idea of adding an extra weapon to the bullpen. We already have great arms with Adam Ottavino, Aroldis Chapman and Chad Green but if we get Betances back AND Deivi this could be one hell of a road block for the rest of the season.

So it's time to wait and see what happens. As long as I get to see Deivi in the Bronx it will be worth the wait.

I get excited about the young, promising kids and I can't wait for September call-ups. Get ready....because I think Deivi is coming!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


I'm not going to say much about this. But instead I want you to watch this video and decide for yourself.

Remember, Thurman Munson played 10 years in the Major Leagues. He collected 1558 hits, a 7 time All-Star, and his life was cut tragically short.  Does Thurman belong in the Hall of Fame? This video makes an incredible argument... and it has sealed the deal for me personally.

Check it out:

Thurman Munson's Case for Cooperstown from Eight Seven Media on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Source: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to recover, recoup and recharge.  And if that change of scenery is going home, well, all the better.  Aaron Judge has suffered from lack of production over the last few weeks and his numbers show it.  Growing up about 90 minutes from Oakland, CA, Judge will have the benefit of playing as close to home as his team can get and that kind of change of scenery could be just what the doctor ordered.

Source: NY Daily News

"Overall, it’s been a rough time since late July for Judge, slashing .188/.309/.288 in his last 21 games, with one home run and five RBI in 80 at-bats. So, maybe this is a perfect time to come home, to get that lift that comes with being around family and old friends and familiar faces — people who aren’t consumed by your current OPS," reported

Judge will also welcome kids from the All Rise Foundation, a not-for-profit the Yankee right fielder started in January, as a way of giving back, much like his parents do as educators of kids both inside and outside the classroom.  "It kind of all started with that, and my parents,’’ Judge said of his idea for All Rise, an organization which supports kids with families with challenging lives due to income and other factors.  And in just a few months since its inception, All Rise has developed a breakfast program, supported kids in leadership camps, created baseball and softball camps and is looking to expand this work across California and even bring it to New York.

“I want to help these kids. They’re our future,’’ Judge said. “Any way we can help improve their lives and make them better citizens and leaders – that’s what it’s all about," reported North

Source: USA Today

And maybe all of this good work will take his mind off the struggles he has had since coming off the injured list after suffering an oblique strain. Even though the Yankees have shown the depth of their clubhouse with guys like DJ LeMahieu, Gio Urshela and Mike Tauchman stepping up, the Yankees are a better team when Judge is hot.  Hears hoping that coming home is the jumpstart he needs to do just that!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Crime doesn't pay. Just ask Luis Castillo and Octavio Dotel. Amazing story about these two. They are in trouble with the law... and it's big time.

2 tweets are coming out about this:

And just to be clear, this is the Luis Castillo that played back in the day, a journeyman for many teams.  The Big Lead writes:

"Castillo batted .290 over 14 years for the Marlins, Twins, Blue Jays, and Mets. Castillo has been retired since 2010..."

Too bad.  Terrible.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019


We all forget about Dellin Betances because the Yankees are clicking right now, but truth be told the Yankees will be a better team when they have Dellin back. Don't you think?

Great piece by Pinstripe Alley and I wanted to share some of it:

"...the Yankees need as many quality arms available as possible. Dellin Betances’ return, in particular, will prove instrumental in a deep postseason run...When healthy, the All-Star reliever has been one of the most dominant pitchers in the game...

As the season comes towards an end, the competition strengthens and weaknesses become more visible. The Yankees’ bullpen is already great with Adam Ottavino, Chad Green, Tommy Kahnle, and Aroldis Chapman picking up the slack, but a returning Betances adds another weapon. Imagine how the coaching staff could deploy that stacked bullpen. If there’s ever a situation where the starters have trouble, the Yankees could get five or six innings from their relievers. "

Here's the good news. Betances is on the fast track... he's almost back after missing 127 games this season. writes:

"Betances threw a bullpen on Sunday and is close to being cleared to face hitters. He’s expected to be off the IL and pitching for the Yankees in September."

I look forward to a bullpen with Betances.

Mark your calendar.

Monday, August 19, 2019


I've spent the last two days listening to arguments both defending Brett Gardner and ones that say he's wrong for what he did. We all have our opinions, we've heard them on BYB the last few days. The one thing we haven't heard is that Brett Gardner isn't the only player to do fact other players who aren't Yankees have done this. So why is it only wrong when Gardy does it?

We've already talked about Paul O'Neill. Yes, he was a warrior. Yes, he was an emotional guy. He beat up water coolers and back then you and I probably know a lot of fans who thought that was okay. Hell, some people may have found it amusing. The point of all of this is that we accepted it. We didn't debate about it for days on end and we didn't question his character. He was Paul O'Neill the warrior and damaging water coolers was not out of the ordinary.

But have we all forgotten what David Ortiz did? Come on! I remember Big Papi literally taking his bat and destroying the helmet rack and bullpen phone in the dugout. He took his frustrations out on anything else that was in his way. He had teammates sitting right next to him that could've been injured. Did he get THIS MUCH backlash? No. Was he under the same microscope? He should've been, but wasn't. I don't buy the "Well Gardner is a New York Yankee and he is held to higher standards being in New York" excuse. Boston may not be New York, but has high expectations also. Papi was an elite player in the game and a veteran leader too so I don't buy it. What he did is no different so Gardner should not be looked at any differently. So why are we so quick to crucify Gardy?

Look, I get the whole professionalism thing. I really do. I'm not saying that what he did was right. I won't defend it in any sort of way. The point is we have written on this blog COUNTLESS times in the NINE years I have written stories for this site that we wanted to see emotion from our guys. We were tired of the robots. We wanted to see their emotions come out AND WE ARE! Why are we discounting that? It's not about whether I think Gardy is right or's about the bigger picture here.

WHY was Gardy so mad that he took a bat and started banging it on the dugout ceiling? He's SAVAGE and freaking pissed! The man was tossed from a game in error and the umpires just can't do their jobs. I get it. That's how he channeled his frustration....right or wrong that's what it is. It's another human element of the game.

The umpires need to be more concerned about what is happening on the field, not in the dugout. This game has a lot of human error with it, that will never change. But when the errors keep happening and some that are much more costly then others it becomes a problem. Where is the accountability for the umpires? We are all so quick to jump on Gardy, or Aaron Boone for getting tossed but what about the umpires? Gardy, Boone and CC Sabathia may get a fine for their latest ejections but what happens to the umpires? Nothing that we get to heard about!

The game needs to be managed on the field, where the ball is in play. The dugout is of no concern to the umpires when they can't even make accurate calls. What Gardy did is not against ANY rule. Find it, there isn't one written. Yes, the Baseball Rules Academy says that "MLB Umpires are entrusted with the authority to remove any participant from a game" but it does not detail anything about what can or cannot happen in the dugout and what authority the umpires have there. They shouldn't be allowed to start making up and enforcing new rules, but somehow no one is questioning this.

Gardy's behavior is a matter that the New York Yankees have addressed, it was not a mater for the umpires to take up. If it were their issue, they've sucked in that area for far too long because Paul O'Neill and Papi Ortiz were not made an example of in the same way....and maybe that is just being hypocritical.

I'm not defending Gardy. He made his choice and as a veteran of this team I'm sure he will continue to do so. We have never come down on another player like this before. The umpires shouldn't be allowed to make an example out of Gardy now. If we are going to say we expect professionalism out of our players, we need to expect that same professionalism from the umpires....and that isn't unreasonable.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj


I happen to agree with Rich Gossage and Lou Piniella. Call me old school, but there have been so many changes over the years to speed the game up or to make it more profitable for MLB, it's kind of annoying and disgusting.

The latest of course is the 'mercy rule' idea. An idea floated, but highly unlikely in the MLB. Still though, after the Yankees got demolished by the Indians the other night... there's talk, and it makes me sick.  Here's some from Deadspin:

"Aaron Boone wasn’t happy on Thursday. He didn’t like that his team was getting whooped by Cleveland, he didn’t like how his players performed on the way to the eventual 19-5 loss, and he especially didn’t like that he had to send first baseman Mike Ford to the mound to pitch through the final two innings of the game... Boone, however, believes the decision to put a non-pitcher on the mound does less to save the arms in the rotation, and more to transfer injury risk onto that player. With the Little League World Series approaching, he offers up the idea of a mercy rule to limit that risk.

'I think there would be a lot of benefits to that,' Boone said about the mercy rule. 'I think you’d probably eliminate a lot of unwritten rules; the people running and swinging at 3-0 pitches in the ‘wrong scores.’ If you get to this point after seven innings or whatever... there might be something to that, some merit to that and worth exploring.'”

And then of course comes Gossage and Piniella all hot and heavy on how the game is changing. And you know what? It is... it is, big time and it's not for the better. here...

Read this:

"It’s no secret that there are many problems plaguing MLB in 2019. From the ridiculous number of home runs being hit to the number of relief pitchers it takes to finish a game and the expanding use of infield shifts, baseball isn’t what it used to be. No one knows that more than ex-Yankees reliever Goose Gossage. Now, Gossage has never been afraid to speak his mind. From ripping closers Mariano Rivera and Aroldis Chapman as one-inning wonders to targeting general manager Brian Cashman as a baseball “nerd," Gossage longs for the good old days of baseball.

'I can’t watch these games anymore,’ Gossage said. 'It’s not baseball. It’s unwatchable. A lot of the strategy of the game, the beauty of the game, it’s all gone. It’s like a video game now. It’s home run derby with their (expletive) launch angle every night.’ Gossage isn’t alone.

Former Yankees outfielder and manager Lou Piniella isn’t a fan of today’s baseball. Per USA Today:

'All anybody wants to do is launch the ball,’ Piniella said. 'They’re making the ballparks smaller, the balls tighter, and all we’re seeing is home runs. There are no hit-and-runs. No stolen bases. Nothing. I managed 3,400 games in the big leagues, and never once did I put on a full shift on anybody. Not once. And I think I won a few games without having to shift.'’’

Not sure if you remember, but I spoke about the changing of the closer role in an amNew York story about a month ago speaking about Mariano Rivera changing the game for closers everywhere when he showed up in the mid-90's.

"Rivera quickly was shifted to a relief pitching role and wowed with his low ERA, huge strikeouts and clutch performances, which ultimately led to his role as the closer beginning in 1997. Casey said Rivera's performances on the mound during his 19 years in pinstripes came at a time when bullpens prepared their relief pitchers to specifically focus on those final outs. 

'Mariano capitalized on that, became extremely dominant with that cutter and kept getting those hitters,' he said. 'He helped reinvent the closer role in baseball.'"

While Mo made the Yankees winners and a success... it was the changing of that role that helped that happen. Who knows if a closer like Goose pitching 3 innings would have had the same impact in this day and age.

Look, I just like that these old timers spoke out in general. There are problems in the MLB this year. I don't think Manfred is being truthful with the baseballs and the home runs and I hate the changing of the game each year just to "speed it up".

The whole idea of baseball is you come to the game and the game could take hours and hours for all you know. It could also be very quick. And that's the fun of it. At some point, you really have to keep the game structured the way it was invented.  Sure, I understand baseball is a business and with ad space and TV things change... but don't lose sight of the big picture when it's all over... IT'S A GAME. And we should never lose site of that.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019



The 6-5 victory against the Cleveland Indians at the Stadium yesterday did not come without a battle and not just with bats and balls.  Fireworks lit up in the 6th inning when a called third strike that appeared slightly out of the strike zone ignited another Yankee temper tantrum leading to three Yankee ejections.


"With the Yankees leading 6-4, Boone — whose “f—ing savages” rant endeared him to fans during an earlier ejection this season — aggressively argued a strike call that sent Cameron Maybin down looking, eliciting cheers from the crowd. Boone was then thrown out — putting bench coach Josh Bard in charge — and then Gardner was ejected for breaking out his trademark move of banging the bat against the roof of the dugout. CC Sabathia, who was yelling from the railing at the top step of the dugout, was also ejected," reported the New York Post.

The ejections were met with a concert of cheers from fans who got all fired up again as they watched the Yankees continue to battle in games for fairness and precision when it comes to balls and strikes.  Saturday's game marked the third time in a month that Yankees got ejected for reacting with excessive emotion on strike calls. Coincidentally, each of these umpires were from the minor leagues. 

According to the Baseball Rules Academy official rules of Major League Baseball, "MLB Umpires are entrusted with the authority to remove any participant from a game. This responsibility should never be taken lightly. Major League Baseball recognizes that every situation is unique and that umpire discretion is essential to proper rule enforcement. While there are unique and extraordinary circumstances, players and Clubs look to the MLB umpiring staff for uniformity in applying consistent standards for ejection."  The rules do specifically state that refusing to stop arguing, "use of histrionic gestures (e.g., jumping up and down, violently waving arms, or demonstrations)",  and "Throwing equipment in disgust of an umpire’s call may be a ground for ejection." 

But what if the player or manager has a legitimate beef? With all of the technology available today and inaccuracies around minimally calling balls and strikes, is it time for Major League Baseball to revisit automating home plate umpire duties? According to the Washington Post, "Major League Baseball in February signed a three-year agreement with the independent, eight-team Atlantic League to install experimental rules in line with Commissioner Rob Manfred’s vision for a faster, more action-packed game." When the media/television started to frame out the strike zone electronically just to let the fans see why the pitch was called a ball or a strike, that was the start of it all.

Source: Julio Cortez/Associated Press

"Every affiliated minor league ballpark and major league park is outfitted with the same TrackMan technology, though it’s mainly used to calculate advanced metrics such as spin rate, exit velocity and launch angle. League officials also use TrackMan to grade umpires," reported the Washington Post.

So, as the savage Yankees getting ejected left and right, and the experimental TrackMan technology converge, will these events eventually remove the human umpire from the field? Maybe, one day. But for now, the Yankees need to try and temper the field differently and use their excessive emotion to fuel more wins, leading to #28.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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I'm over the bat antics, Veruca Salt. Please get back to business and do the job of leadership and productivity.  Brett? You're being a baby and now after doing your stupid bat banging multiple times, I can no longer take you seriously. Your reputation is now damaged.

Brett Gardner is a passionate guy. We all know this. The dude wants to win.  And so, why does he feel like he can package himself with Aaron Boone and yell and scream and bitch and moan and hit the god damn dugout roof with his bat every time things don't go his way? Why?

Aaron Boone is the manager. Boone's job is to protect his guys! Billy Martin used to do that. Lou Piniella did.  Earl Weaver was a genius with that. But the players? Sure, be mad... but move on. It's insane that guys like Gardy can't move on. It's pathetic too.

This is yesterday.

Why? Why the tantrum? No idea who this Dixon tweeter is but the answer is YES. STOP IT! Gardy should stop for sure... like NOW! What has happened to our society where we can have public tantrums and think that that's OK?

What happened to leadership?  What the hell happened to not arguing balls and strikes and how come it's suddenly a right for passage for the Yankees?  WE'RE WINNING for Christ's sake!

Now look, we know umpires aren't always great at their jobs, but I got news for you.  Arguing balls and strikes is kind of ridiculous.   But that's another post for another time.

This bat garbage? It shows weakness. Hell, I saw all that Fredo stuff with that Chris Cuomo guy this week, but let's keep it real. Fredo isn't the "N" word for Italians, that's false. Fredo is symbolic for weakness. Maybe Gardy should be called Fredo.

Anyway, here's a recap of yesterday. Our guy Bryan Hoch has it:

"The 'Savages' were on the loose once again during Saturday afternoon's 6-5 Yankees win over the Indians at Yankee Stadium, resulting in ejections to New York manager Aaron Boone, outfielder Brett Gardner and -- though he isn't even on the active roster -- pitcher CC Sabathia.

'It was kind of crazy, to be honest,' Gardner said. 'I got ejected for hitting the top of the dugout with my bat; making too much noise, I guess. I wasn’t too happy about it. I didn’t feel like what I did warranted an ejection.'"

No Dummy, you got ejected because your antics have built a reputation around you for being a troublemaker, tantrum-throwing tool.  You are what you make yourself, Gardy. If you want to be a leader, you say your piece and move on.  If you continue to act like a 3 year old in an adult body and try to undermine the umpire... THE AUTHORITY ON THE FIELD, you deserve what you get, Gardy.  You're better than that!

Now people will come to me and say things like this:

O'Neill? Love the guy.  His antics?

Freaking ridiculous!

Did we love it when it happened? Sure, but when it starts happening over and over and over again, you really have to start to question what the goal is. Is it to make a point but then move on? OR... is it to have the spotlight on "ME" and to hell with the bigger picture... Team? Something to think about.

Now Boone or any manager? As far as I'm concerned, they are in charge of their team. If they don't like a call, they are the mouthpiece... they take it to the next level if they choose to.

A player? You are paid to play the game. You will not always get your way. Calls don't always go your way, and so while you want to lose your cool, scream, go for it. But it should end there. The ridiculous antics... bat banging, helmet throwing, game after game after game after game... it's old and it's tired. And sooner or later, you lose your impact in what you want to accomplish.

Even more importantly? You're no longer taken seriously. You're now a clown. And your reputation? It's cracked… altered, possibly forever.

Look, people will have a different opinion of this and that's fine.  We are allowed to disagree. All I can say is I hate cry babies. I always have.

Be a leader, Gardy. You have a dugout full of moldable youngsters on that Yankee team. Act like you've been there before and mold them into future leaders too! Stop bitching, bitch! Start being a leader.

And to everyone out there... I'm putting my name on this one so you know it's coming from me.

--Robert Casey
BYB Chief & Head Writer
Twitter: @bleednyankeeblu

Saturday, August 17, 2019


Cool! The Yankees made a minor move that could eventually be a major one!

Tyler Lyons's contract was purchased by the Yankees and he's coming over!  That comes from a tweet out of Scranton. Check it out:

OK and so you see over news there too.  Fine, but let's talk about Lyons for a second:

Yanks go Yard writes:

"the Bombers took a flyer on another left-hander, this time signing Tyler Lyons, whom the Yanks originally drafted in the 10th round of the 2009 draft. Lyons, instead, returned to Oklahoma State.... 

Although Lyons only appeared in three games for the Pirates this season and scuffled to the tune of an 11.25 ERA... 

A mainstay in the St. Louis Cardinals bullpen from 2015-17, Lyons threw 162 innings while maintaining a 3.33 ERA... 

Should Lyons rediscover the form he exhibited in 2017 especially, when he notched a career-best 4-1 record, 2.83 ERA, 11.3 K/9 and 0.5 HR/9 in 50 appearances, his two remaining years of arbitration could be enticing enough for the Yankees to keep him around. Naturally, that’s a big if until proven otherwise."

A lot of info there, a lot to digest, but the main thing is this kid's a lefty, he's young and could prove to be a good move by the Yankees. I'm excited, you know how much I love lefties.

Nice work, Cash.  Go Yanks!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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I'm not a fan of injury and I can't stand when top paid players are out for a long time... but meanwhile the young guys... guys that just want a shot, are up and contributing big time.  Why can't I stand it?  I'll tell you why... because when that top player comes back... that young kid, whether he's batting .800 or not, takes a back seat because the top paid player is well... top paid, and needs to be out there so the team can justify why they pay him so damn much.

Giancarlo Stanton has been out forever.  But now he's expected to come back... by September. Lucky us.

Larry Brown Sports writes:

"Brian Cashman said Thursday that the team expects the former MVP to be able to return in September...In his absence (plus those of many of their other stars), the Yankees have still managed to go an AL-best 81-41 and lead their division by a full ten games. Stanton will obviously have an eye towards getting right before the playoffs, especially in light of the trash talk that he had for his former team. "

You remember this... right?
A shot at the Marlins.

Anyway... and you know what will happen. They'll need to make a personnel change and someone will need to move.  Let's hope Stanton's presence doesn't disrupt all the Yankees have accomplished!

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What the hell's going on down there on the Yankee farm? First Deivi Garcia... now a new guy is a phenom too?

His name is Clarke Schmidt... and he has mad potential to be great for the New York Yankees one day! writes:

"The Yankees refused to trade former first-round pick Clarke Schmidt in a deal that would have also sent Clint Frazier and a pair of other prospects to the Diamondbacks in exchange for lefty Robbie Ray before the deadline....

Tampa manager Aaron Tolbert explained why the Yankees believe Schmidt, a righty starter, could be in their rotation in the near future following his promotion to Double-A on Thursday. 'Clean delivery,' Holbert, who played in 17 professional seasons, said on the phone Friday. 

'Ability to command multiple pitches. I see him sticking in the starter’s role.' MLB Pipeline ranks the 23-year-old Schmidt as the Yankees’ No. 5 overall prospect."

Just when you thought the Yanks were tapped out of talent on the farm... this comes out.  Very exciting to see all parts moving with the Yankees!