Saturday, July 20, 2019


Will the Yankees get Trevor Bauer? Many Baseball Insiders are really starting to lean that way now more than ever.

Now Heyman's the guy who throws out names and sees what sticks, but he's right about Bauer. Pinstripe Alley writes:

"The Yankees’ interest in Bauer is predictable given their desire for a starter, but it remains unclear if Cleveland has designs on trading their best healthy pitcher at the moment. Cleveland sits just one game ahead of the pack in the Wild Card race, so now would seem an unconventional time to deal away a frontline starter. Bauer himself comes with countless warts and abundant talent, having posted a 158 ERA+ and 391 strikeouts in 320 innings over the past two seasons. "

Now I'm not a big fan of Bauer. I think he's a hot head, a cancer in a clubhouse, but I also know the desire to get a quality starter and as a fan, I'm willing to take that chance. Even Clutch Points writes this of Bauer:

"Bauer would be a massive addition for the Yankees. He has had a solid all-around year with the Indians and has true superstar potential for the future. In addition to those facts, he will enter arbitration after this season, which could mean he ends up returning to New York for another season.

During the 2019 season thus far with Cleveland, Bauer has posted a 9-7 record in 22 starts to go along with a 3.67 ERA and 170 strikeouts. He is 28 years old, in his prime, and ready to compete with a World Series caliber team."

And that is the key to much of this. Youth. He would be a delightful edition to an already young Yankee pitching staff.

We will see… but things are starting to heat up.

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