Monday, June 3, 2019


Clint Frazier! This kid's good.  But he, like Rob Refsnyder... is on a team with too much talent, and to be honest, he's not rising above them. And so the problem becomes... what do the Yankees do with him?

There's a great piece in today about just this:

1.) DH him: A little credit to Frazier: He’s been putting in the work....

2.) Run him back out there: Frazier’s bat was always going to carry him, talent evaluators thought even when Frazier was a first-round pick.... 

3.) Demote him: Frazier’s defense will only get better if he plays every day. Plenty of at-bats to be had at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. But here’s the thing: The Yankees could still use his bat and they probably wouldn’t hate him continuing to impress at the plate with the July 31 trade deadline coming up. 

4.) Trade him: Unlikely to happen immediately, considering Frazier’s stock had to have taken a hit Sunday night."

The only issue with Kuty's argument is him ranking on Frazier's defense. It's funny how we pick and choose who we like and don't like. Miguel Andujar is a terrible fielder, but Yankee fans suggest we "run him back out there" because of his bat.  Well... I'd venture to say that Frazier is in the same boat in some regards.

Look, it's a good piece, it makes you think.  We will just have to see what the Yankees do in this situation.

Stay tuned.

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