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It was a showdown in the Bronx Saturday night, against the Red Sox and electrifying is an understatement.  Despite a tough couple of innings, the Yankees came away with a 5-3 against division rivals Boston.  Besides a great bull pen and extra base hits, it was Gary Sanchez who laid down the big blow, giving the Yankees the lead for good.  And with that big blow, Sanchez took over the American League lead in home runs with 18.

Source: Andy Marlin/USA TODAY Sports)

"Gary Sanchez has been a lightning rod for criticism these last few years, the constant subject of scorn for his struggles behind the plate and his perceived lack of hustle. But when he's healthy and right, Sanchez can be a force in the middle of the Yankees' lineup, the owner of a potent bat who can elevate the team's offense. Just like he did Saturday night," reported Central NJ Sports.

Source: AP

I am not a Sanchez fan typically but lately, he has been tearing it up not just at the plate but behind the plate.  His snap throw to second to pick off Eduardo Nunez completely changed the momentum of the game on Friday night, in the Yankees' favor.


"The Yankees catcher used his cannon of an arm to gun down Nunez, who had wandered too far off second base, to end the threat and send the Bombers on their way to a 4-1 win Friday night in The Bronx," reported the NY Post.


Seeing Gary Sanchez be successful has been gratifying.  He seemed to have matured since his last injury, and perhaps he has gained a little humility, as he has kept his head down and focused on the game and improving his skill set. He actually seems grateful to be here, playing baseball instead of appearing entitled, which is a breath of fresh air.

Source: USA Today

As the Yankees head into the final game of the series against the Red Sox, I hope the Yankees continue to play solid baseball.  Sure, I would like the Yankees to take out the broom for a sweep against Boston, but really it is more important that they play good baseball.  It is so exciting to be a Yankees fan these days.

Let's keep that feeling rolling...

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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