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You know those insignificant, one off, one hit wonder-kind-of-Yankees? Those guys in the early 70s before the championships and then later in the dog days of the eighties where the Yankees were in the dessert of despair?  Yes, right there is where Clint Frazier will be; a distant memory.  He has never fit in with the most decorated team in all of sports and he certainly does not fit now.  Frazier is a forgettable Yankee and Tuesday evening was the nail in his pinstripe coffin.

Source: Yahoo Sports

"No, I don't regret it. And to be fair, I don't think I owe anyone an explanation because it's not a rule that I have to speak," Frazier said, meandering his way through a number of different topics while addressing reporters just before the Yankees' series opener against the Toronto Blue Jays," reported ESPN.  

Source: Sporting News

YES reporter Meredith Marakovits discussed the Frazier presser during the Yankee coverage last night with team in the booth.  The conversation analyzed his presentation to the press, and his belief that he owes no one an explanation.

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"I am confident 24/7, which is why I think people feel the need to knock me down," Frazier said. "I know I don't fit the mold of what some of the past and current Yankees are like, and that may be why it's a little bit harder for me to navigate every day. I am trying to be myself in here. Sometimes it feels like people have an issue with me just being myself,"reported

Personally, if this is himself, then that's a toxic, self-centered person that I would not want myself or my kids to be around.  He is digging his own grave with is immaturity.  Aaron Boone calls it big league"growing pains", a place that can be sometimes"unforgiving." I call it being a brat.

As far as I am concerned, he can grow up, improve just enough for the Yankees to trade him and just like that, snap, he's gone with no one ever remembering his name.  I am so disgusted with his attitude.  It is one thing to perform poorly defensively and owning it.  It is another thing to skirt it and complain that the media are always against him.  It is behavior like this that brings on even more criticism.  And in the end, it is this kind of performance that is going to hurt his chances of staying a Yankee for very much longer.

--Suzie Pinstripe
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  1. I don't know why everyone is so hard on Frazier.He husrles down the line and to be truthful 99 % of his OF mistakes is trying to make a play.He just didn't just let it drop which I have seen so many others including Stanton do.He tried.Some of it was trying to make up for his early mistake of that inning.
    Where wpuld you be without his offense this year plus in his defense he has met would reporters almost every time and this time he did not because he had the worst game of his life so cut him some slack just enjoy his hype that he brings to The Dugout

  2. I am tired of your I'll informed opinionated articles. To be fair it is my own fault I know Everytime I open one I am going to be irritated and yet I still open them. Frazier is a young kid with a ton of talent. Perhaps we should focus on the positives he hustles and plays hard everyday and with a little maturity could be a great player.

  3. It’s funny how fair weather people can be. No one had a problem with him early in the year when he carried the load, don’t be so quick to jump ship and trade him. Maybe it isn’t the worst thing in the world to have someone who doesnt “fit in” with what a Yankee should be. He has carried the team on multiple occasions this year. Just remember everyone was calling for Gary Sanchez to be gone last year with his defensive struggles, now those same people are calling him the best catcher in baseball. If Frazier gets traded, I hope he tears it up when he plays the Yankees just to prove people like you wrong.


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