Saturday, May 25, 2019


I just thought many of us knew this, but it's worth explaining.

Now, let me say that as far as Dallas Keuchel is concerned, I always thought the Yankees should have just gone for him months ago. It just made sense to me. But you know what?  We fans, at least some of us just don't realize just how important draft picks are. And so, the reason why the Yankees weren't digging in the get Dallas was because of that.

And so a BYB fan wrote me a note and ask me simply this:

"You have said a few times in your posts that the Yankees should go for Keuchel. Why haven't they?"

Well, here's the real reason why.  I actually love the way Gotham Sports Network explains it... so here it is:

"Dallas Keuchel has regressed from his Cy Young form but is still a reliable lefty who likely has something to prove. After hoping for a long term deal this off-season, nothing materialized for Keuchel. He has said he will not take less than what he is worth. He turned down the Qualifying offer which was just under $18 million for one season, so that will still be the bar for whenever he signs. The magic date is now June 3rd, the date of the MLB draft. 

Once the draft passes, Keuchel will no longer be attached to draft pick compensation. Rumors are that the Yankees are favorites to land him and that he may sign on June 4th."

Make sense? Sure, to regular fans you don't realize the impact of draft picks. I mean... I don't care personally. But the Yankees do... and  that's why they're waiting.

I love Keuchel and think he'll reinvent himself with the Yankees.  He could also shit the bed by the way. That beard is his intimidation factor. You remove that, do you remove his balls?

We'll have to see how it all pans out.

Stay tuned...

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