Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Love him or hate him, and I know the majority of you hate him, this is shocking news to me, and because it's baseball news, and because Dustin Pedoria has had an impact on this game, I found it fitting to report.  Pedroia may be done with baseball... forever.  Crazy to think about, but true.

USA Today writes:

"He has been the Red Sox’s heart and soul since the first day he put on the uniform, epitomizing toughness and resiliency. Boston won three World Series championships during his tenure, and Pedroia helped keep the franchise into a perennial power. Now, the time has come, Pedroia acknowledged Monday, to accept the harsh reality that his career may be over. Pedroia is returning home to Chandler, Ariz., next week and will give his left knee time to rest, and perhaps, finally heal. It has been two years since Pedroia has played regularly, and the pain refuses to go away. 

'I’m at a point right now where I need some time,’ Pedroia said. 

'Right now, I know I need a break from the everyday stresses I’ve been dealing with. … It’s weird, man. Some days, I feel fine. An hour later, walking is tough.'"

Say what you will about this guy. One thing you can't call him is lazy.  He's the hardest worker on the field when he's there. Red Sock or not... you really need to respect him. He'd a gamer.

Get well soon Dustin. Shame... baseball gave you a tough break.

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