Monday, May 13, 2019


Or so he wants us all to believe.

Veteran lefty Madison Bumgarner's contract allows him to put eight teams on his no-trade list, and he has done so very strategically. I would argue he did so masterfully. He's a genius, actually.

Now you may think I am crazy. Truth be told, I am a little. I have crazy theories all of the time and some of them actually work out from time to time and I think this one will too. By now, a lot of you know which teams are on his no-trade list. But in case you didn't get the full list, Ken Rosenthal tweeted it:

So the Yankees are on the list. No big deal. It really doesn't make it any less likely that Bumgarner becomes a Yankee. Bumgarner is actually more in control of his own destiny than you may initially think.

This is smart. Bumgarner knows that the Giants are unlikely to trade him to an NL West rival which takes out four potential teams. They are also unlikely to trade him to the bottom two teams in all other divisions as a short term rental which eliminates 10 other teams. There are probably six other teams who either aren’t really in contention or have bigger needs than just a starting pitcher. Factor in his eight team list and you are pretty much left with just one or maybe two teams he is likely to be traded to without his consent. One of those would likely be the Minnesota Twins. He may just be a mathematical mastermind.

At this point there may be one or two teams that aren't on his list that may be interested in him. If this unknown team or teams wants to sign him they will likely have to give him a very enticing contract extension to make it happen. Bumgarner has so many options coming his way it's insane.

I used to care about no-trade lists. Now when there's a buzz about them I generally don't react with anything more than a shoulder shrug. The Yankees are perpetually on every players no-trade list but the list really doesn't mean anything. We are on Bumgarner's list but he doesn't HAVE to block any trade to those teams, he just has the ability. Generally, there is some sort of compensation for waiving a no-trade clause, so Bumgarner gave himself a great shot at getting extra money. Again I say it....he's a genius.

Do I think the Yankees and Bumgarner are a match? Maybe if the Yankees intensify their search for starting pitching before the July 31st trade deadline this year. Remember, there is only one trade deadline starting this season. He has a lot of time to sit bag and influence his own future.

So again....yes Madison Bumgarner is a genius. His strategy is brilliant and if it works out and he ends up going to a team on his no-trade list he will be a trendsetter. He's not saying NO to the Yankees or anyone else on his list. But he IS saying he could be acquired for the right price. move, Bumgarner.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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