Saturday, March 16, 2019


The Yankees are a popular team, they are a great team and everyone is looking forward to 2019. But they are also very corporate, and with corporate... sometimes comes this "cold" feeling toward the fans.  It's not so much the player but the way the Yankees are handled. Yankee personal gets in the way, making it difficult to interact. It's just the nature of the team and storied franchise.

But listen, because it's a Saturday and everyone is just getting up and drinking coffee and relaxing alittle… I had to share these 2 videos.

One is Greg Bird.  Now look, I love Bird and I know the dude's fighting for his life right now with Luke Voit breathing down his neck, but this is refreshing. Greg talking to some fans about his cat.  While the story is ridiculous, I couldn't help but smile at the fact that he's just a regular dude telling his story to bunch of "stranger" fans. We as fans love that stuff.

And then there's this... Aaron Judge.  His interaction with the fans is unique and extra special.

I love that this little boy is star struck but then as the conversation goes on, he opens up a bit. BUT... that's all because Judge gets to the kids level and makes him feel comfortable. I love it.

These are special New York Yankees folks.  Nothing better than this.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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