Sunday, February 24, 2019


I just want to take a second and congratulate Slade Heathcott on a goal he has crushed today!  Slade did a half-marathon in Tampa and while to some of you it's not a big deal... it is.

It comes down to goals and what you want out of life.  Slade wants more after baseball and I have to tip my cap.

If you read SLADE WILL RISE AGAIN BECAUSE SLADE BELIEVES IN SUCCESS! back in January you know that Slade has a list of things he wants to accomplish after baseball.  And for him it's about going down that list, some on a bucket list and other minor achievements and mapping out his life and ways to conquer each goal after his baseball career.  This half-marathon in Tampa was a big one for him, and I appreciate it very much.

Slade sent this video to us, the BYB family exclusively right after the run.  You gotta love it! He's beat, but champions don't take it easy. Champions go all out. Check this out:

And make sure you read SLADE WILL RISE AGAIN BECAUSE SLADE BELIEVES IN SUCCESS! to learn about his other goals. Plus learn about his new non-profit called An organization designed to help Minor leaguers get good nutrition and money so they can become better athletes in the minor league system in baseball. It is fascinating and I wish this dude well.

Congrats Slade. You da man! I can't wait to hear about what happens next with you. Keep grinding!

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