Saturday, January 12, 2019


The homeless.  A major problem in America. And with all the Manny Machado, GoFund me BS, I was very happy to see that more has been added to their little fundraiser of ridiculousness.  Here's the latest from that Manny GoFund me... I guess because the backlash was just too much they changed it up.

That's right, if the gang doesn't raise 300 million, they'll donate the money to the Coalition For the Homeless.  Bravo!

Here's that link:

I applaud this cause.  I may even take back the "moron" comments from yesterday (Read DEAR MORONS, GET A LIFE )

Happy Saturday everyone. I am glad this group is doing the right thing... knowing good and well that raising $300 million for the Yankees to pay Manny is just insanity.

I leave you with this...

Nah... this wasn't sarcasm. This was a real cause based on a real vision, Chip. But you all got called out. Just Own it.

Nice pivot though... I love that you're helping the homeless.

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