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Some Yankee fans still love Gary Sanchez despite the disappointing season he just had. Other fans though, seem to be ready to move on and find a new starting catcher. So of course once "news" broke that the Marlins and Yankees were in talks about a potential trade social media went crazy, but what does it really mean?

Honestly.....nothing. The Yankees were just doing their due diligence by checking in as they always do on talented players. Even if the Yankees and Marlins did discuss a trade for J.T. Realmuto Brian Cashman has said he's "not for sale" and you can see that for yourself HERE. Yup, in his own words, not even just a news article. So even if some fans aren't sold on him, the Yankees are for the long haul.

It is understandable for fans, or even the Yankees to question Sanchez's future but even if you aren't completely sold on Sanchez as the Yankees everyday catcher there are three big reasons that the Yankees will stay the course with Sanchez rather than test the waters with Realmuto....

1. Yankees have seen the upside and the power

The Yankees believe that 2018 was just a down season and not a preview of what is to come. He's not far from his impressive two-month introduction to the majors and good sophomore season. The Yankees remember the 750 plate appearances he has made with 53 home runs and the 132 RBIs to go with them. We all know that defensively Sanchez also had a down year but he still threw out 30% of base runners and has a career average so far of 36% caught stealing. Sanchez had a down year, but has had some great moments in his young career.

2. Realmuto isn't a huge upgrade

To justify trading Sanchez away the Yankees would need to see a bigger value in Realmuto's defense. I'd say he's a good catcher but he is no Yadier Molina who is one of the best catchers I've watched in my lifetime. Realmuto also has success with throwing out hitters but also has a weakness with framing pitches. He's a good catcher, but not a massive upgrade defensively to Sanchez. Offensively, he also doesn't have the power that Sanchez does. Last season he hit 21 home runs, his first time hitting over 20. He will hit for average, but the Yankees value Sanchez's power more.

3. Sanchez makes more financial sense than Realmuto

It's hard to ignore the numbers. Sanchez is two years younger and comes with four years of team control compared to Realmuto's two. The Marlin's just tendered him a contract, while Sanchez isn't even arbitration eligible yet. Aside from their contracts, the Marlin's may be in a rebuild but they aren't going to give the biggest name on their team away for just a straight swap of Sanchez for Realmuto. They are going to expect some top prospects as well, which benefits the Marlins more. Realmuto's not an upgrade for the Yankees, and including top prospects for a guy who isn't a large upgrade isn't a smart move.

Sanchez had some serious growing pains, but the Yankees can see the clear potential he has based on his previous season. We should see that too. If there is a "better" catcher for the Yankees, it's not Realmuto. So for now, Sanchez is not for sale.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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