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That's what George King III of the New York Post seems to think when it comes to Zach Britton and David Robertson. And you know what? I kind of agree with him.

Many players like to have their Free Agency wrapped up by Christmas so they can focus on their team and get ready for the next season.  It's a sense of closure, no matter what that closure is. I was always kind of fond of the way CC Sabathia did it.

He would tell the team what he wanted, there would be a negotiation, but he never walked away from the table selfishly, and always met in the middle, and then, it was done. Nice and quick and classy. He did that with the Yankees twice...once in his opt-out year and once this year... and I guess it just has to do with the love for playing on this team.

Some are for the money and that's fine. And then some, like David Robertson and Zach Britton, are out there... ready to talk and it almost seems like Brian Cashman is pre-occupied with Patrick Corbin and trying to find a way to sign Bryce Harper and Dallas Keuchel in the dead of night.  That's how I see it.  It's weird.

Anyway... King writes this of DRob and Britton...

"...there is a possibility the talented duo could land in their blood rivals’ bullpen. When asked about Robertson, who has a house in Rhode Island, landing a three-year deal with Boston, a person with knowledge of the situation replied, 'The Red Sox are in for less.’

Which means the World Series champions are waiting to see if Robertson’s best offers will be for one or two years. And Britton, who will turn 31 on Dec. 22, could be looked upon by the Red Sox as their closer should Craig Kimbrel leave via free agency."

Photo: USA Today Sports
Imagine this? No... I don't want to.  I want these guys back in pinstripes.  But it's interesting and something that Cash has to worry about... if he cares about these guys at all.

I don't want to see them leave the Bronx.  I definitely don't want them going to Boston.  King's usually right about this stuff.  Let's hope this time he's wrong.

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