Friday, November 30, 2018


The Mets are ridiculous. Who the hell is driving the bus over there in Queens? They are morons.

I was trying to figure out the reason why a team would want a 36 year old, broken down, PEDs using, second baseman that can now only play first base in Robinson Cano... and you know what? The only reason is because he's a name and a team is desperate.

I'm utterly shocked that the Mets would torment themselves with a player like Robinson Cano.  I'm not sure why they'd continue to beat themselves up and pay out more money to this aging star with barely anything left in the tank.

It's like signing Jason Bay after he was good... it's over and now you have to pay for it.  Hey, I wonder if they'd take Jacoby Ellsbury too? They'll never learn.

Look, the deal is "close" as I've been reading.  Maybe they are trying to get the Mariners to pay for Cano, or at least a chunk of it.  But what a disaster.  Jeff Passan tweeted this:

That's really the latest. And let's keep it real, this is not a "blockbuster".  Passan is being kind. This is an exchange of a bunch of broken down players.  The big get will be the prospects.

The Mariners will win in this trade.

The Mets are fools.  That is all.

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