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Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin, this year's AL manager of the year, has had to use a variety of strategies to lift the A's to the fourth best record in the American League.  One them is the "opener" strategy and between Tampa Bay and the A's, they appeared to perfect the strategy, covering for a number injuries and just a lack of talent in the starting rotation.  Could the Yankees take on that strategy and bypass picking up two starting pitchers?  I don't know but given the traditional nature of Brian Cashman, I am thinking not.  So, therefore the headline stands: Cashman focused on vetting two starting pitchers and that the pursuit has clearly started.

Source: USA Today

When it comes to managing teams today, it is not really just the manager and coaching staff calling the shots. "Now, front offices are more involved, and if a manager wants a long career he must buy into the new structure and get players to do the same. No one can argue with the results for the A's: Melvin was named the American League Manager of the Year on Tuesday, thanks to the low-budget A's surprising rebound season that showed 22 wins more than the previous season, plus a playoff berth. It is the third such award for Melvin in 15 seasons," reported San Francisco Business Times.

The Yankees are different.  And their charge is clear. "Cashman and managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner have repeatedly said that starting pitching is their priority. The team figures to be noise-makers when the baseball world descends upon Las Vegas for next month's Winter Meetings.

"I think we're always open-minded to being big or small players," Cashman said. "I don't think it really matters what we wind up doing, as long as we do well enough that we become the best team in baseball. We're capable of being big-game hunters. We've reset our luxury tax," reported MLB News.

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Cashman has said it is really too early to discuss whether they would add through the free agency market or go out and trade for starting pitching, so both options are viable.  The Yankees are open to a variety of pitchers from multiple means including big names like Dallas Keuchel, Corey Kluber, and J.A. Happ along with Patrick Corbin, James Paxton and Carlos Carrasco.  It's about finding the right fit, the right contract and the right chemistry.  Cashman himself interviews players with that insight in mind.


"We like to educate people about who we are and where we want to go and get a feel back if there's an alignment there, if that player can fit in our culture and our New York environment or not. There's times I've walked away refreshingly, feeling strongly about, 'I'm glad he was so candid because this is not going to be a good fit.'"

Source: Sporting News

So, the takeaway is that we don't know who but there will be at least two starters making their way to the Yankees.  With the Winter Meetings only a couple of weeks away, we will monitor the inklings and hot stove heat coming from the banter and discussion around this topic of starting pitching.  We need it and we are going to get it.

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  1. I'm hoping for Corbin and Kluber but if Bumgardner is available Cashman needs to get him.


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