Monday, November 12, 2018


The Yankees are aggressively looking for pitching this offseason, and signing CC Sabathia back to a one-year deal was just the beginning. According to Brian Cashman, he's not just looking for one or two, he's looking for "multiple" starters to add to the team. Starting pitching is a necessity to get back to the World Series and win and they have the resources to get it whether that is money or prospects.

Photo: Houston Chronicle
So could the Yankees spend some money and sign Dallas Keuchel? Maybe. If the Yankees are interested it sounds like Keuchel would like to be a Yankee, "the lure of the city would be really cool. I like pitching in Yankee Stadium," he said on air with FoxNews HERE. Both sides are familiar with each other. Keuchel has a 2.22 ERA against the Yankees and pitched in the 2015 Wild Card game that eliminated the Yankees. It would be nice not to have to face him again. He would even shave his beard off for "the right opportunity" so maybe that could be with the Yankees. He says money isn't the most important thing to him because "It’s all about winning and I’ve made that very clear from day one of my career starting to this position right now." The Yankees have been close, maybe Keuchel can win another ring with the Yankees.

Photo: CBS Sports
The Yankees have also checked in with the Mariners for James Paxton according to the NY Daily News HERE. Paxton is an attractive option for the Yankees for both his performance and potential price tag. He finished the season with an 11-6 record, 3.76 ERA in 28 starts and struck out 208 in 160-1/3 innings. He also pitched at least seven innings in 11 of his starts which could be a big upgrade to a rotation where our starters only averaged 5 1/3 innings this year. Paxton's salary last year was also very team friendly at $4.9 million and is under team control until 2020. He may not be as flashy of a name as Keuchel, or even Patrick Corbin another popular name this offseason, but it is easy to see why the Yankees might be interested.

One name that I will also be following during the offseason whether he is in connection to the Yankees or not is Paul Goldschmidt. I don't think it is likely he comes to the Yankees but he sure would look nice in pinstripes, wouldn't he? The Diamondbacks had nothing short of a total meltdown this season. They spent 125 days in first place which is more than any other National League team but went from first place on September first to finishing NINE games back out of the division and 8.5 games out of the second wild card spot.

Photo: USA Today
They had an epic meltdown and now they are likely to lose Corbin and A.J. Pollock to free agency this season, Goldschmidt is a free agent next winter. Rumor has it the Diamondbacks are considering trading away some of their best players now to focus on a rebuild. Could Goldschmidt be on the move Bronx bound or not? It will be an interesting one to watch and see if the Yankees check in. They haven't YET but the Yankees would definitely like his 33 home runs, 35 doubles and .290 BA in the Bronx.

So now we wait. The rumors are heating up, but we still wait for some action. For now we continue to wait and speculate. As soon as anything happens, we will be all over it.

Stay tuned!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
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Sunday, November 11, 2018


Source: The Athletic

Are you getting tired of the fake news floating about Twitter and other media channels or are these banters getting you all fired up for what is to come?  As Mike Francesa and other WFAN folks have said over the last couple of weeks, there will be a lot of activity around New York teams who are looking to tinker with pieces that are not working.  This was a blanket statement regarding many of the New York teams that are seemingly not working, not just the Yankees.  Teams like the Mets, Jets and Giants were all part of the conversation.  But if we drill in on the Yankees, since we are Bleeding Yankee Blue after all, you will hear a lot of talk about Manny Machado, Corey Kluber, Patrick Corbin, James Paxton and Bryce Harper.  The last of the list is the coldest and Bill Madden of the Daily News says that Harper to the Yankees is simply not happening.

Source: The New York Post

"Suffice to say, the Harper-to-the-Yankees dream is dead. Spending $250 million-plus on another outfielder – even an outfielder who could maybe play first base – is not something they either need or want to do. What they do need — and intend to do — is to add at least two more proven quality frontline starting pitchers. That is the priority," states Madden.  Despite the fact that his agent Scott Boras is reminding the Yankees that Harper grew up idolizing Mickey Mantle and that he "takes ground balls at first base all the time in the offseason" and that "he can help a team in many ways." Nope, the Yankees seem to be not having it as they need to focus on pitching which is why they may be willing to give up Miguel Andjuar, which I think is ridiculous.

Source: NBC Sports

Giving a big contract to Harper or Machado for that matter is something the Yankees are moving away from and do they really need to go back there?

Source: Elite Sports

With regards to filling the hole that Didi Gregorius will leave in the middle of the infield due to his season delaying Tommy John surgery, Madden goes on to say that, "Indeed, the Yankees have plenty of other much safer and cheaper shortstop options until Gregorius comes back – the most logical being moving Gleyber Torres to short and signing a second baseman, like Daniel Murphy, a needed contact hitter who puts the ball in play and could later move over to first base and DH." 

Source: NY Daily News

I don't want Harper or Machado or Murphy.  I'd like to see Torres at short stop for a while and see if we can bring in another young gun from the farm to play second.  Why do we have to think big contracts when we can do well grooming our own team?  Let's hope that this Harper to the Yankees thing is dead and move on to more pressing matters like signing some pitchers to keep the Red Sox and the rest of the league quiet as we rise to the top.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Photo: New York Post
Love that the Yankees are going all out to try and find a few significant pieces for their starting rotation.  The latest one is James Paxton of the Seattle Mariners. The worry among Yankee fans is.... at what price?  Miguel Andujar's name has been thrown around a lot.

Ken Rosenthal Tweeted this:

Now Mac Josephson of Yanks Go Yard says what many fans are saying.... "Don't trade Andujar!"

Photo: Sporting News
"...if I’m Brian Cashman there’s no way in hell I’m giving up this year’s favorite for AL Rookie of the Year. I know a lot of fans would be ok with trading Andujar for an ace because they figure that would open up a spot up for the team to then sign Manny Machado. In other cases, say in a deal for Corey Kluber it might make sense for the Yanks to offer Miggy. I personally don’t want them to include him in any trades but for Paxton especially it makes zero sense."

But now we wait.  One thing about all of us writing this stuff is it's all speculation.

I don't wanna give up Andujar… but we need a starting pitching upgrade. Maybe for the right pitcher it happens... I'm not sure Paxton is the right exchange.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018


Says everybody that reads other people on Twitter with no real knowledge on the situation.  But it's gonna happen... says everyone. That's what we do now.

No one knows if Corey Kluber is coming to the New York Yankees folks, because no one really knows. But I do know this... it "feels" like it.  In fact, my favorite tweet came from a guy merely predicting moves... and I tip my cap because right or wrong, he's just being creative and you gotta love that.

No facts, no "sources"... just a guess and he's going for it. Love it...

Plus Evan's squeeze is pretty hot, so there's that.

In all seriousness... with Twitter it's really hard to gauge if the Kluber thing is for real. Here's what some of the real baseball guys are saying...


And then there's this guy who claims he's literally with Cashman... because revealing Yankee deals without the permission of the Yankee brass is allowed now... by a guy with a Yankee cartoon as his avatar...

God love ya!

Stay tuned. If anything happens, we'll let you know.

Mike O'Hara's New Website


This is ridonkulous.

This is video of Luke Voit put out by the YES Network the other day and this dude is just sick. I'm a big fan of the dedication. Who knows if this guy's a fluke or not. I don't care, I tip my cap to anyone who's putting in this much effort just a few weeks after the season ends.

Oh yes, and breaking news...

I just found Greg Bird's work out tape too...



Quick note. With Gary Sanchez going in for shoulder surgery and then the worry that he may not be ready for opening day, the Yankees are making the catching role alittle more stable... getting alittle more depth.

The Yankees signed catch Ryan Lavarnway.  That comes from several sources, but we'll go with Joel Sherman of the New York Daily News...

OK then.

Now let's get Corey Kluber, please.

Be Read. Get Known.


Things will pick up soon, the offseason is young but until then a couple of important updates to get you through the lull.

Photo: Hartford Courant
We all know pitching is a priority, and luckily Brian Cashman is not wasting any time. According to Joel Sherman HERE, the Yankees have requested medical records for free agents Daniel Hudson, Charlie Morton, and David Phelps. This is pretty standard though, teams frequently request medical information for players every offseason. Cashman is simply doing his homework right now. It is important to note that Hudson has had Tommy John surgery twice now, Phelps is currently rehabbing from Tommy John and Morton has an extensive injury history including shoulder trouble this season.

Those names aren't as appealing as Patrick Corbin, but credit Cashman for doing his due diligence. The Yankees are familiar with Phelps who pitched for the Yankees from 2012-2014. Phelps blew out his elbow in Spring Training and missed all of 2018. Before that he spent most of 2017 with the Marlins and finished the season with a 3.40 ERA. The Yankees had a great bullpen last season and hopefully they can keep it in tact, but if not he could be an interesting low cost option.

I can't imagine the Yankees being too excited with Hudson who pitched 46 innings with a 4.11 ERA with the Dodgers. Not really anything exciting to say about him. Morton is probably the biggest name in that bunch. He threw 167 innings with a 3.13 ERA for the Astros this season but faded in the second half. There were rumors he was considering retirement, but has recently had a change of heart and confirmed he still wants to play.

Photo: USA Today Sports
The Yankees have also checked in with Zach Britton according to A signing doesn't sound imminent but after how he performed for the Yankees this season the Yankees should be checking in here. Talks sounds like they are slow-moving but I would expect nothing less here considering Britton is a Scott Boras client. I wouldn't be surprised if Boras waits until Craig Kimbrel signs a deal so he can turn around and market Britton as "the best closer on the market" and the drive his price up in typical Boras fashion. Either way, it is an option if the Yankees can't woo David Robertson back to the Bronx.

Photo: New York Daily News
Last but not least....Gary Sanchez is back in the news again as the latest Yankee to need surgery, read more HERE. Sanchez as been bothered by pain in his left shoulder since 2017 and he's the Yankees felt he's been playing through it long enough. Thankfully this is his non-throwing arm but the bad news is that's his front shoulder when he swings and that is where he gets all of his power from. It sounds like he has had numerous cortisone shots but nothing has alleviated the nagging pain. Cashman says recovery time is about three months so he should be ready by no later than opening day. Hopefully that won't affect his preparation for the season too much and maybe this helps him rebound next year.

I can't wait for things to really start heating up. It's early in the offseason so there isn't a lot to talk about yet. Keyword there is YET. I wonder what the first big breakthrough will be....I guess we will have to wait and see. At least we know Cashman is already out there and making calls. It's a start!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

Wednesday, November 7, 2018



Besides the polls closing in states across the nation in the late evening hours last night, another battle ground race has come to a close.   Last night, Yankee veteran starter CC Sabathia agreed to a one-year deal to come back to the Yankees for one more season.  According to ESPN, "The New York Yankees have reached an agreement to bring back veteran pitcher CC Sabathia on a one-year, $8 million deal, according to ESPN and multiple reports. The 38-year-old lefty has played the past 10 seasons of his 18-season career with the Yankees."  

Source: NY Post

Smart move, Brian Cashman.  Naysayers might say what a waste of money given Sabathia's recent knee surgery and decline over the years, yet those who value leadership know that this was a great deal for the Yankees to bring back CC to the helm of the dugout along with incumbent outfielder Brett Gardner.

Source: NY Post

"These are known commodities," Cashman said. "We know exactly who they are in that clubhouse, who they are dealing with our press and our fans, and obviously -- most importantly -- competing on the field of play," reported ESPN.

Source: Fox News

And not to worry, about putting too much pressure on Sabathia.  Cashman is seeking free agent pitchers with both Houston's Dallas Keuchel and Arizona's Patrick Corbin on the short list.  According to, "Sabathia made 29 starts for the Yankees this season, posting a 3.65 ERA in 153 innings with 140 strikeouts. The Yankees will be hopeful that he can provide the same rotation depth in 2019, although they will doubtless continue to pursue additional starting pitching upgrades on the open market."

Source: Forbes

Good move, Yankees.  Both Gardy and CC provide experience, a level head and a powerful disposition to the team.  We need them both in the field and in the dugout, leading.  And we get them both back in those precious roles that are essential for our success in 2019.  Sabathia signs! Phew, now that is relief!

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof


I cannot for the life of me see Bryce Harper coming to the New York Yankees.  Sure, we can dream about it, but I am pretty positive, and of course I could be wrong... that Brian Cashman and the Yankees know that they have a good team on the field and don't want to mess with it. I think the real focus will be on pitching this offseason... not spending a fortune on Manny Machado and certainly not a Bryce Harper with a new interest in playing first base.  My opinion. I could be wrong here.

Give Scott Boras credit for trying, but he's the problem with Major League Baseball... he and his clients ruin teams.

This was the rumor floating around yesterday...

But then, thank god for Ken Davidoff who put it in perspective:

Look, the offseason is insane, and while there are reports that Greg Bird is no longer the golden boy in the Bronx, and the Yankees aren't sure if Luke Voit is a fluke, the reality is, you have 2 first baseman there who can hit and are cheaper than a first baseman wanna-be.

I love Bryce Harper. I think he's great, but he's too expensive.  He just is.  The Harper BS yesterday was fast and furious, but in the end, I don't think we're getting him.  We have a crowded outfield, we're trying to find pitching... AND... the biggest one... Bryce Harper is not a first baseman.

Stop Fantasyland, folks... I wanna get off.

Scott Boras will ruin his client to benefit himself.  That's what he does.  Yankee fans... don't fall for the non-sense.

Be Read. Get Known.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Because not everything is black and white.

We've all ripped Manny Machado for his non-hustle and annoying behavior in the playoffs, but he's still a solid player and still a free agent. A lot has been said of him the past 2 weeks and there is plenty of speculation about whether or not the Yankees will sign this guy.  Here's the problem, it's big money and I don't think anyone loves that idea.

 Now I personally don't think the Yankees will go after this guy at all. But I did want to give props to Brendan Kuty about how he formulated his article after Brian Cashman spoke of Machado.  This is exactly what I've been thinking and writing about for weeks... and something that baseball fans need to understand. It's not about yes or no to Machado... it's very strategic and I wanted to share this...

Photo: USA Today
"On the Yankees' interest in Manny Machado: 

What Cashman said: “I’m going to be engaging the entire landscape in the free agent market. I’m not going to say who and when but we will make sure we check every box in terms of what’s available and the cost associated with what’s available in both marketplaces, free agency and trades.” 

What he really said: 

Of course the Yankees are going to stay involved in the Machado sweepstakes, despite reports saying that the Yankees are already out of it. It wouldn’t make sense for them to pull out so early in the process. Never know what could happen. The Yankees currently have a need at shortstop. They could fit Machado there until Didi Gregorius (Tommy John surgery) is ready to return. And then they could potentially move him to third base long term and figure out a plan to move Miguel Andujar, too."

Bingo. A good GM gauges everything. A good GM makes sure the rival teams aren't in on the guy. A good GM checks out everything before he pounces or not. So simple... yet complicated. Some Yankee fans just don't understand it.

I like this nugget a lot by Kuty. Nice work.

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Aimee Dilger | Times Leader
I didn't see this one coming, but the Yankees are parting ways with Scranton Wilkes-Barre's Bobby Mitchell.  Mitchell was their manager.  The story comes from the Times Leader:

"RailRiders manager Bobby Mitchell is out after just one season at the helm. The New York Yankees will not renew his contract when it runs out at the end of the year. 

Louriann Mardo-Zayat file photo | PawSox
'They didn’t renew it. I’m not really sure why or whatever. It happens,' Mitchell, 63, told the Times Leader in a phone interview on Monday. 'I was a little surprised, obviously. I’m not really sure. I didn’t get much of an explanation. “I enjoyed my time there. So I was disappointed.'”

What a bummer. Mitchell was one of the good ones. He was 179-103 with the Raidriders during his time there.  Pretty surprising.

Anyway... I thought I'd tell ya!

Be Read. Get Known.

Monday, November 5, 2018


Photo: New York Post
Nothing surprising here, but I'd be a fool if I didn't report it. Most people will think I'm a fool no matter what. So there's that.

Anyway... I'll let YES Network's Tweet do the talking:

Nice! Gleyber and Andujar have been an absolute pleasure to watch this season.  I really hope one of them snag it.

It should be noted that Shohei Ohtani is also a finalist.


Photo: SI
Pitching, pitching and did I mention pitching? Well, PITCHING is what the Yankees need. We've already said that in WE NEED PITCHING, FOLKS! Sure, names like Bryce Harper sound good. Some even like Manny Machado but the Yankees need to prioritize here. Would I like Harper? Sure. Do we need him? NO! WE NEED PITCHING!

Photo: Arizona Sports
There have already been some names floated out there. We've talked about them. I really like Patrick Corbin and think that would be one of the best additions the Yankees could make. You can't forget about how good J.A. Happ was for the Yankees either or how good Nathan Eovaldi looked this postseason but those aren't the only names out there. These guys are all free agents. The Yankees could look at a trade, and Brian Cashman could decide to call the Cleveland Indians.

According to local news sources and Buster Olney HERE, the Indians may be more motivated to move some good pieces due to "market constraints" which could mean two good pitchers. I get it, Cleveland is a smaller market but the AL Central looks to be theirs again next year. No other team will be anywhere near as competitive as they are so they should be trying to find a way to beat the Yankees, Astros, and Red Sox in the postseason. Instead, it looks like they're going to play it safe and move money around and just be happy with getting back into the postseason. Definitely not Yankee logic, but like Olney said I guess that's what "market constraints" do for other places outside of bigger cities like ours.

Photo: ESPN
So, it sounds like Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco are names that the Indians will listen to for potential trade offers. Both pitchers are work horses and have the experience that could help us get deeper into the postseason.

Photo: USA Today Sports
Kluber has an impressive resume but no World Series ring to go with it. Kluber's record this year was 20-7 in 33 starts with a 2.89 ERA this season. He recorded 222 strikeouts and 34 walks in 215 innings of work. He was the ace of a pitching staff that led the Indians to a third consecutive AL Central title. Last year he won his second Cy Young and is only the 19th pitcher in MLB history to win the award more than once. Now he just needs to add World Series Champion to his list of accomplishments.

Carrasco made 32 appearance this season and started in 30 of those. He finished with a 17-10 record with a 3.38 ERA in 192 innings and recorded 231 strikeouts. Carrasco has over 1094 innings in his big league career with 1,127 strikeouts. Carrasco eats innings and can strike guys out. He was called a "sleeper" candidate this year for a Cy Young award and was amongst favorites in the beginning of the year.

Photo: MLB
Kluber will make $17 million in 2019, and the Indians hold a club option on his deal for 2020 and 2021. Carrasco will make $7.1 million in 2019, and they also have options for 2020 and 2021. If the Indians would be willing to trade Carrasco to us he could be well worth the money if he continues to put up similar stats.

I think if the Yankees want to look at options besides signing a free agent the Indians are a good team to call. If the Indians need to shed some salary it can't hurt to make the call. The Indians have a talented staff, these two are just two of their four pitchers who recorded more than 200 strikeouts this season.

The free agent market for pitching will be pricey this season unlike last year. A lot of the big names will command multi year more costly deals. The Yankees have the money to spend, but if they choose to go another route Kluber and Carrasco could be attractive alternatives based on their more affordable price and experience. Question here is.....what would you be willing to give up for them?

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @Nyprincessj

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Source: Boston Herald

I have been trying to figure out my emotions right now.  I mean the baseball season has been over for a little more than a week.  The DVR is full of episodes ripe for binge watching, but honestly I miss baseball and more than that I miss the Yankees.  Yet it was not until I came across this article published in the New York Post on Saturday that I really understood what I was feeling.  Just because I miss the Yankees doesn't mean I like them, right now.

New York Post columnist Mike Vaccaro, in his article "The Unsatisfiable Yankees Fan is needed more now than ever" stated that Yankee fans have every right to be unhappy right now, in fact he expects it and calls for the fans to hold their ground; don't placate to the mediocrity of teams, implore them to be better.

Source: Sporting News

"All we have left is the Unsatisfiable Yankees Fan. We must protect them. We must guard them. We must encourage them when they are called to arms — as they were last week when their leader, Hal Steinbrenner, bent Joel Sherman’s ear for 40 minutes and produced some wonderful gems for the winter: The Red Sox winning the World Series “certainly pisses me off,” Hal told Joel. “I never want a division rival to outdo us.” “We need to win the division,” he said. “I don’t want to go through another wild-card game.”  Atta boy, Hal, that's it.  We can't continue to put up with mediocrity.  We need victory.  And if 100 games can't give us that, then we need to win more and lose less.

I am one of many the Unsatisfiable Yankees Fans.  I want the Yankees to win the Division, the World Series and beat the Red Sox in 2019 and if they don't, I will feel just as I feel right now, missing the Yankees but not liking them very much.  "And, yes, one of the problems with being a Yankees fan, no matter how old you are, is this: You’ve been trained to expect a certain level of excellence, so it’s hard to fully enjoy the smaller stations (like a 100-win season) along the way," stated Vaccaro.  I agree and echo these words.

Yes, we need pitching.  Yes, we need a stronger infield, defensively.  Yes, we need leadership.  And if these holes are not filled accordingly, we will continue to fall to the Sox and other teams who have invested in these areas consistently.  The Unsatisfiable Yankees Fans cannot back down.  We must unite to expect more.  We can miss the Yankees, sure.  But we need to continue to demand more from them so we can hoist the trophy next October.  I'm pretty sure we won't break it or chant we hate the Red Sox, but rather relish the victory and celebrate the honor that winning has in the hearts of fans in the greatest city in the world.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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