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Not much. Honestly.

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I've seen this type of coach before.  He'll be slightly defensive today in his press conference. He'll tell us everything's on the level of what the media coach taught him to say, and then he'll say that he'll stay the course because "it worked."  But did it?  I mean sure, winning 100 games is a great thing, but I have a difficult time crediting Aaron Boone for that.  He's a good coach, but he's not a great one and I've said it 100 times... when you're coaching these major league players it's really about strategy, not about being everyone's friend.

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Boone liked to put on a show and Boone is the guy that wants to be friends with these guys.  He's slightly star struck, and when the games take place, I almost feel like he gets wrapped up in the moment and that's why there are late calls to the bullpen and slow strategy when it comes to personnel and shift and all of that. The team doesn't even steal bases.  Why?  I'm not a fan.  You need to be more pro active if you're the manager for the New York Yankees. The stage is too big. My opinion.

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Boone's presser takes place today at high noon. YES will carry it. After that, I may or may not follow up with a post on BYB because honestly, I'm over it... I'm over the season.  Fans are frustrated and you guys have every right to be.  Be frustrated at guys like Stanton all you want.  Be frustrated at Boone, be mad at Lance Lynn. Do whatever you want. You're the fan, you have opinions and feelings I may not have.  The season was lost by the Yankees though, not Boone. That being said, if Boone was the right manager and managed this team alittle smarter and correctly, the blame would have fallen on him. But he wasn't the driving force here, and that's why I can't put the blame on him. Inexperience isn't his fault. He's not ready... bottom line. The team was just to big for little Boone.

Today Boone will say he will keep his coaches, get some rest and come back next season ready to go. Honestly, this is a dog-and-pony show today. I do not care what Boone has to say.  I actually care about what the players say more.  They played. They're the ones that swung the bats and choked.  Boone? He's insignificant in this scenario other than being in charge... which he wasn't.

And message to the Yankees and the YES Network. Stop living in the past. Aaron Boone had 1 moment as a Yankee... hitting a home run against Tim Wakefield in the biggest game of the 2003 ALCS. That's it.  Sure, he was a hero then, but let's not forget what he did next. Boone injured his knee playing basketball and missed the next season.  But that's OK... the Yanks replay Boone's homer at the stadium and in promos like we're supposed to still feel all fuzzy inside. That was a long time ago. He's not the anointed one. He actually screwed the Yankees with that knee injury if you think about it. The Yankees and YES have made me desensitized to Boone's amazing moment, because for me... it's no longer special, especially after he didn't manage too well in 2018.

Do I want him back? Sure, but I'd like him to actually do the job.  For example, if Stanton ain't hitting, then find a spot in the lineup where the pressure is off, because God knows he was under tremendous pressure in the 3 or 4 hole.  And while we're on that topic, let me share with you the most idiotic tweet I've read, totally missing the point of fans frustration for Stanton:

Yup, I had to respond, because know-it-all tweeters don't know anything when it comes to fandom.  Shut up. That's ridiculous, you didn't even address the point of the fan frustration. Stop tweeting. Please.

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This is all about Boone in the end, the manager who took the job because he wanted a front row seat at the stadium. These are all his friends, his mini-crushes. He's not the manager the Yankees envisioned... unless of course Cashman's calling the shots for him and they knew he was moldable.  Who knows.

What I do know is this... Boone won't give us anything today... I'm not even sure I'll be watching.

Season's over folks.  We'll see our boys in 2019.  For me... that's it...

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