Friday, October 5, 2018


The other night that Oakland A's fan was in Yankee stadium and when the Yankees opened it wide open, this video was created and made this A's fan an instant internet sensation.

Now let me state for the record that this type of behavior... throwing beer on opposing fans, starting fights with them, mocking them to the point of swearing or name-calling is OUT OF LINE.  We're all there to root for our team.  We need to co-exist.  Bad behavior is not a good thing and I gotta be honest, this video portrays Yankee fans as trash.  So thanks for that dickheads. You blew it.

But enough's enough with this A's fan.  It's October 5th.  This happened 2 days ago.  This guy's being interviewed for this? Why?  I will say this, the A's did the right thing sending a care package to the guy.

I like that. But again... in the end, it's just an extension and unspoken accusation that all Yankee fans act like this.  To that I say, shame on those Yankee fans.

I'm all for fandom, on either side, but we need to act like we've been there before.  And more to the A's fan.  We're sorry... but it's October 5th.... I'm kind of over it. Aren't you?

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