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You can't instantly fix a pitcher's mechanics.  I love how everyone can just look at a pitcher and say, "Well all he has to do is this..." or "He needs to stop doing this and instead, do this..." You all need to stop.  If it was that easy for every pitcher or hitter to fix their mechanics or routine, they'd all be hitting .400 and striking everyone out.  A perfect example is the shift for hitters.

It's obvious that that hitter is NOT going to change their approach at the plate because they can't.  They've been hitting that way since they were a kid... it worked for them for ever. They went through high school and college hitting dingers that way.

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Now they are in the major leagues and that same batter is struggling... partly because the opposing team has their number and the CANNOT change mechanics or routine to hit the opposite way.  It doesn't matter how much a coach works with them... it's HARD! You know what I mean?

I had a ridiculous debate with some dude who thought he understood pitching and routine and tipping pitches.  He had it all figured out. The problem was he was misguided and not too informed and in the end, I smashed him, accusing him of just not liking Larry Rothschild. Because let's face it, when it comes down to many of these fans, they blame the coaches for everything, when in reality, many, many...MANY TIMES, it's the coach making every effort to get through to these players, and those players wanting to do it the fix themselves, because of ego, the rapport between the 2 not being too great, or self-pride… all of that.  In other words...

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Coaches can try, but many times players, while they act like they are willing to adjust, they are stubborn and want to fix it on their own because they know their body better than anyone, or so they think.

Look, many times they do adjust, but again, it goes back to doing the same mechanics and same routine over and over and over again. In short, sometimes it's not that easy to break a habit when you slip into one.

Larry Rothschild and all the coaches are coming back next season. This guy who claims to be a Yankee source tweeted this the other day.

This started the debate. What you about to see next is the most ridiculous exchange I have ever been in, a circle of BS that ended up with me accusing this nerd of just not wanting Larry Rothschild there. Me, being the bigger moron was trying to keep the debate to knowledge, not hate for a coach, but I just didn't realize it until the end.  I can't get all that time back... I regret that. That being said... I love trolls... so here's that exchange...

No idea who that other dude is, but he looks like he's on the level. High School... College recruiting. He clearly has the same philosophy and opinion as I do if you go read his tweets. Actually, here's one.

Same idea. But anyway... look... adjustments are part of baseball, and there are mentors and coaches there to help. BUT and it's a big but... sometimes in a players journey they are so used to routine and their mechanical makeup they are afraid to change in the worry to redo or start over in their progress. And for a player, that's terrifying. 

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Can players adjust? Absolutely, but it ain't easy for some and I think that's what happened with Sevy. My opinion. I think he developed a habit, was too concerned about taking steps back during the playoffs for fear of blowing it and the team and Sevy went in with the roll of the dice. I believe that 100%.

Now it's the offseason.  Now Sevy can fix himself.

I know baseball folks. I know about ego, mechanics, routine and stubbornness better than anyone.  You will never win this argument with me for it is that side of the game that is rarely talked about and that side of the game that I follow closely. Everyone thinks you can flip a switch and everything is better.  But your mind plays games with you as a player and the last thing you want to do is listen to someone else about YOUR routine and YOUR mechanics when you've been doing it for 15-20 years.  You can fix players... but it ain't easy... and that's all I'm saying.

Hey Zach Wormann… you're a star.

Happy Saturday.

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