Wednesday, September 12, 2018


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Yankee fans can be crazy.  By the way... that's a fact too.

Sonny Gray said this after last night's game. I give you Bryan Hoch's Tweet here:

Here's the strange irony. Brett Gardner said this. Hoch Tweet again...

What's the friggin' difference?

Now here's my question. Are Yankee fans mad because Gray doesn't seem engaged and "good enough" to be part of this team? Or... are they mad that he said that.

Here's the reality. The Yankees aren't exactly lighting it up as a team.  They are not winning consistently and are literally limping to the finish line. And you know what? Sometimes that happens to teams.  Look at the Phillies.  I want my Yankees in the playoffs. But there are better teams out there that can take that away.  Am I giving up? No. But I also don't play on the team... the players play and the players need to win.

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If Sonny Gray craps the bed in his start that's on him. But what Sonny Gray said isn't a crime. Yanks lost a game.  The bigger part of that Tweet is that the Yankees are going to keep going in good spirits and back Sevy.  And you know what? I want that attitude on my team.

Is Sonny Gray, Cy Young? Nope. Not even close. He has a lot of work to do and to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if the Yankees trade him in the winter.  That being said, his support for his other teammates should be celebrated. Instead, Yankee fans are looking for any reason to trash this guy.

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He's a major league pitcher... and he's struggling. You try it.  Not an easy thing to accomplish.  Getting to the majors is one thing. Staying there? Another.  It ain't easy. I give Gray a pass here. He's speaking truth.

P.S. Most ridiculous tweet responding to Gray.

Give me a break.  From a kid sitting behind a computer tweeting for a living. Like anyone cares.

Be Read. Get Known.

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