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I don't like the Mets. I never have. But I don't hate them. I don't hate anyone.  When it comes to baseball... I have a true level of respect for these guys that take the field.  I know just how hard it is to get to the major leagues. I also know it's hard as hell to stay there.

In fact, I have had numerous conversations about it with friend Marci Hensley, Ty's mom.  Ty's now on the Otters in Indiana and continuing his dream to play baseball.  No, it's not on a major league stage, but that really doesn't matter. Dreams come true when you have the will and desire to be great... at any level.

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Positivity helps in that endeavor. That's why Ty will be successful. And look at a guy like Sonny Gray. The guy's been stinking up the joint with the Yankees right now.  I don't hate him, I understand the struggles. Who knows why he's not consistent, but he's not doing it intentionally.  He's struggling. That's baseball.

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Between him stating a few weeks ago that he can be the best starter in baseball and that the Yankees, even though they're losing, are trying to stay upbeat and trying to win games... you can't hate the guy.  It's what baseball players need. Baseball has a long season. If you get down every time you lose a game, what a crappy personality you'd have... you know what I mean? Then you have fans like this... these Debbie Downer morons that can't understand that positivity wins the race.

Whatever. Some folks will never learn.

One guy I love on the Mets was David Wright. A solid player, a good leader and a guy that caught a tough break.  He reminds me a lot of Donnie Baseball for how things went down with him.  Now however, David's about the hang it up.  The New York Times has this...

"Fighting back tears during a news conference on Thursday, Wright said that psychologically he is ready to play but his body is not.

'Physically, the way I feel right now and everything the doctors have told me, there’s not going to be any improvement,' he said, adding that he could not envision playing full time again.

Wright will come off the disabled list and start at third base against the Miami Marlins on Sept. 29, the penultimate game of the season, said Jeff Wilpon, a member of the family that owns the team and its chief operating officer."

And then, Wright will retire.  Not the way he wanted his career to go. Not the way the fans wanted it. I just want to say to Wright that I personally root for you, dude.  You're one of the good ones.  Good luck to you pal.

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On a side note... during one of David's happier and funnier moments, I just had to share this.  This is Mike O'Hara doing his thing on a side gig with the MLB Fan Cave from a few years ago.  O'Hara, David Wright, Jim Breuer... having some fun.

I hope that smile comes back soon David.  The best to you. Good work, O'Hara.

Mike O'Hara's New Website

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