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I know it is a small step but I will take it! Aaron Judge took batting practice before the game Friday night at Safeco Field, read more HERE. I know it was only underhand throws but Aaron Boone said he liked what he saw. It was good to hear Judge taking swings off a tee when the news broke on September 4th but now this is even better.

We are now six weeks into his recovery that was initially thought to be three to five weeks. Wrist injuries can take an incredibly long time to recover from. I didn't get hit like Judge did and get a chip fracture but I did completely impact my wrist once. It was with my writing hand too so I kind of get Judge's struggle here.

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So I take this as good news. I am optimistic! Judge has been stalled for so long. We were even wondering (and panicking) about if we would even see him come back this season. I was hoping the Andrew McCutchen signing wasn't a bad omen that he wouldn't be back. This team has had way too much bad news lately. Getting Judge back would be the biggest boost this team could possibly get right now.

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I'm really hoping that after Judge taking batting practice we hear no bad news for a follow-up. Then I hope after some more time with hitting we will be getting Judge back just in time for a last minute push toward the postseason. Maybe our luck is finally changing. Hopefully losing Clint Frazier for the rest of the season is our last setback after all.

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One can only hope. Now that the Yankees have Didi Gregorius back the Yankees are one step closer to the ideal lineup. The Yankees are a different team without Judge, we've seen that since he went on the disabled list at the end of July. Judge is the glue to this team and would be a huge moral boost that the Yankees are going to need for the last games of the regular season and a one-game do-or-die wild card game. Judge may be a young piece to this team but he is a leader presence that just cannot be replaced.

I'm not getting ahead of myself, but this is good news! The Yankees have been waiting to hear that the wrist was pain free, so this is a good sign. I'm sure there are more good signs to come. I can't wait to hear what is next. Good things are finally happening for's about time.

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
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