Saturday, September 8, 2018


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Obvious headline. I'm sorry about that.  Bottom line though is I appreciate the Bird loyalists, but many of us have given up on Bird in 2018.  He has not delivered and the Yankees really need to try and win games right now. Doing that means you go with hot players.  I would have loved to go with Tyler Austin... but he's gone. And so we will go with Luke Voit.  Hey... I'll take it.

George King III of the New York Post writes this:

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"Bird’s return as a starter is directly related to Voit’s bat staying productive. Voit entered Friday night’s action hitting .356 (16-for-45) with a major league-leading seven homers and 13 RBIs in 13 games since Aug. 24. So what happens if Voit — who went 2-for-4 — stays hot? 

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Certainly he would be on the roster for the wild-card game against the A’s. And with utilityman and switch-hitter Neil Walker having played first base in 32 games this season the Yankees would have both sides of the plate covered. 

That could leave Bird on the outside..."

I know, I know. All common sense.  I'm not trying to trick you. I am just letting you know that King knows his stuff and he wouldn't be floating this if the Yankees weren't already officially preparing for it.

We will obviously have to see what happens.  We all really want the Yankees in the Postseason... but when we get there... we all really want productive players playing to the best of their ability.  Bird's not there. 2018 for him was a lost season.

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