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I had a hunch it would be 2-3 against the Sox.  Not too shabby and really quite a great display by the Yankees in this past series.  Last night they were continuing to fight. Giancarlo Stanton's grand slam happened right at the right time, but you always knew the Sox would come back because that's how it works when we are talking about this amazing rivalry.

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What hurts the most was to see the Sox celebration on the field in the Bronx.  Their way of rubbing it in just as much as it is them celebrating a great season. Look, I cannot stand the Red Sox, but this is baseball, and respect is a major part of it.  When team's play good, at least for me, I tip my cap.  They ran away with the division.  It wasn't close.  That speaks volumes.  I'd love to credit Alex Cora or Aaron Boone for good season's for the Sox and Yanks, but I don't think it's them as much it is about the teams themselves. These organizations were building these teams for a few years now and having these young managers in place is just a way to get them acquainted with the role and allow the GM's to pull strings on many occasions.

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Plus, Boone doesn't have much of a strategy other than the be friends with his team.  The Yankees won a ton of games on their own, not because of Aaron Boone, let's get that straight. It's clear he's the puppet in this scenario. And in the end, it's just that the Sox were better... that's it.

But the Yankees just need to keep fighting.  They have at this point won 93 games.  That's a symbol of a great ball club believe it or not.  AND... not only that, they did it young. Now they just need to keep going.  We still have games to play and it would be ideal to push the A's back a bit in the wild card.

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But think about the Yankees and all they accomplished this season.  Aaron Judge out for a while, Jakob Junis has been getting threats every since.  Mainly because Judge was on his way to the MVP.  But no matter, it's a good possibility it could go to Miguel Andujar.

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Luke Voit is literally the Yankees first baseman now.  Greg Bird is pretty much benched. You gotta wonder what they do with Bird after this season, although, truth be told, I don't think Bird is done, I just think Bird had a terrible season full of inconsistency.

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You have a guy like JA Happ who came to the Bronx and became a superstar.  I had doubts, but I ain't a hater either.  I am thrilled for this guy, and dare I say... I want him to be that Wild Card starter.  The dude earned it.

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Severino had a break out year.  Tanaka's arm didn't fall off and he plugged away and CC Sabathia… one of my favorite Yankees ever just keeps going like a Duracell battery.

The point is this team has had plenty of setbacks.  Have I mentioned Gary Sanchez? Yet, we keep fighting no matter what.  93 wins is nothing to spit at... it's gold.  We just need to keep going... keep fight and keep winning. And then... we have to turn it up a notch and win in the playoffs.

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For this team that's been handed a whole lot of issues along the way... I have no doubt they can do it.  Big Picture says so.

Let's go Yanks!

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