Friday, September 7, 2018


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There's plenty of concern for just how bad Gary Sanchez is defensively, and now our former manager is speaking out.  I found this interesting and wanted to share it. SNY writes this:

"'Over the next four weeks, I'd try to fix his base,' Girardi said Thursday on MLB network's "High Heat" with Chris "Mad Dog" Russo. 'It's his base, the left knee collapses and he's not in a position to catch some of these balls and block some of these balls.'"

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Most catchers become managers because most catchers can call baseball games well. Guess what else they can do? They can spot problems with catchers a mile away.  Sanchez is not a good defensive catcher... Girardi knows this. I'm actually glad to hear from him.

Maybe Boone will take that advice.  After all Gary Sanchez is tied from the most passed balls by a catcher in the AL with 13. Not good.

We need to tighten it up... especially now... especially when every game counts.  Either that, or put Romine in.  Jeez.

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