Sunday, August 12, 2018


You read that right... Ty Hensley and Matt Chavarria, both of the Evansville Otters had a combined no hitter to put the Otters on top against Freedom.  Our Sports Central writes:

"Hensley went the first five innings, walking four and striking out seven to earn his first win with the Otters. Chavarria went the final two frames, walking one and striking out three, to garner his second save of the season. "

Ty spoke about it on Otter TV after his game last night!

Here it is right here...

Nice work.

This is a story about determination. This is a story about wanting something so bad, and no matter how many obstacles are in your way, you navigate and find a way to perform to the best of your ability.

Photo: Robert Anderson
I have always liked this kid and dare I say, I have done what many journalists have not done... I have become friends with this family and thoroughly enjoy them and their persistence and positivity.  It doesn't get better than the Hensleys.

I had to share this on this Sunday morning. I saw his mom post something last night and waited for the Otters and publications from Indiana to put up some news items about this triumph. It's wonderful and a Cinderella story.  Much like Tyler Austin, I love watching players like these who want it so badly, despite the challenges and setbacks, still power through to do what they love.  As my own children grow up... I bring that same philosophy to them every day. Dare I say... it's working wonders.

Congrats to Ty. I know... I know... 1 game at a time, I get that, but as fans... you have no idea how good this feels.

We love your achievement. It makes the entire journey before that moment all worth it!

Believe, kid!

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