Sunday, August 12, 2018


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I just needed to share this, because it's these types of moments that you have to appreciate... especially because I've been following this guy and all he's been through over the years in New York.
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It's just a good look for him to make it, stay there, prove his worth.  Why? Because he believed it all along.

Unfortunately in baseball though, sometimes you get the shaft from a team you really want to perform for because quite frankly... there's no room.

The Twins have room... and Tyler Austin will be a significant part of this team and that's exciting.

This happened yesterday...

Well, I got chills. I sent a note to Kim, his mom, someone that I have been in communication with off and on ever since she and Austin did their interview with Bleeding Yankee Blue (Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TYLER AUSTIN... WONDERBOY).

When you believe... you will succeed.

Keep going Tyler, we still love you over here at BYB!

Be Read. Get Known.

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